Cheese! Balls

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Recently i baked some Sweet Potato Loafs and had some leftover dough. My little experiment ended with the most delicious vegan cheese mozarella balls.

Level: Middle
What you need:
Time: 2h // Tools: Blender, Pan, Bowl
10 Balls
1/6 Package dry Yeast (14g)
1 dl Spelt flour
1/2 Tbsp Oil
1/6 dl Soy Milk
50g Sweet Potato (uncooked)
Vegan Mozarella Cheese Block

1. Cook your Sweet Potato with vegetable stock and blend until creamy. Let it cool down.
2. Preparing the Dough: Add flour and yeast to a bowl and mix. Let it rest for a bit, for the yeast to start getting active. Add Salt and Oil and Soy Milk and your sweet potato cream. Stir well. The dough should be soft and not sticking to your hands. Add flour if needed. Form a Ball and let it rest in the Bowl, covered with plastic foil. Place the bowl close to your heating and let rest at least 1h.
3. Cut little dices from your vegan cheese, approximately the size 1cm x1cm.
4. Cover the cheese in the dough and roll little Balls. Pay attention that the whole cheese is really covered, otherwise the balls will leak later.
5. Prepare the Crust: Blend a bit of soymilk, flour and different herbs and Salt in a Bowl. Spread some Sesame on a Plate.
6. Roll your Balls in your spiced Soymilk/Flour mixture and afterwards in the sesame. They should be all around covered.
7. Let the Balls rest again under some Plastic Foil. They will rise a bit more.
8. Heat up neutral oil in a Pan. Place the Balls and fry very well from all sides. The crust will turn orange/brownish due to the sweet potato.
9. Serve and enjoy the pop when the cheese comes running out of the Balls.

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