10 Typical Touristy Spots in Paris

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If you visit Paris for the first time ever, these spots are a must-visit during your stay. I recommend generally a stay between 3-4 Days in Paris, to see the important things, more than 4 Days, if you really love the city and like to explore further surroundings. If you are fast, you will be able to do all these within 2 days (without croissant-breaks)

1. Sacré-Coeur de Montmatre

Mentioning this one first, since i have been there so many times, i can't count. Let alone during this trip we have been there 3 days out of 4, at least for one hour in the evenings, just because the atmosphere is so nice.
Best to approach Sacré Coeur is to get off at Anvers station downstairs and walk up the tiny road with countless gift shops, towards the cathedral. Then you can either take the small little tram at the left side, or the stairs through the park to get up the hill. When you finally reach the top, you can admire the beauty of the white cathedral in the sunlight from almost any angle. There is one little park at the backside of the church, from where you have a very good view as well.
You can visit the cathedral itself for free, while climbing the tower costs a small fee. The view nevertheless is incredible, from what i have heard. I haven't been up there yet.
Walking lefthandside of the Cathedral you will find a market place with many artists and painters in summer and another line of gift shops, with magnets and any i (heart) paris souvenir.
In the evening the must-thing to do is sit on the stairs in front of the cathedral, facing the buzzing city and listening to some great street-artist performance.
One more thing good-to-know is; don't ever give your finger to any of the endless guys running around Monmatre, unless you want 5 braided armbands in 2seconds that you have to pay for.

2. Moulin Rouge

Very famous, not only from the Cinema, this night Club lies in the amusement quarter of Paris. During night time, i would not stroll along these streets on my own, also not with my mum. But already during dusk, the windmill will be lighten up and you can enjoy the fantastic sight of it.
To come here is pretty easy, since it's on the same line as Sacre Coeur. The station directly in Front of this Etablissment is called Blanche, so if you come later  at night, that is still an option.

3. L'Opéra

From Moulin Rouge or Sacre Coeur it is only some stops to the Parisian Opera, so whilst you are in the area, definitely stop by. The outside of the building is worth a shot, especially when the sunlight hits the golden statues. This has been the very first time i actually visited the Opera and only due to the recent discovery of my love for classical ballet. The parisian Opera is a complement within the city to the gardens of Versailles. If you like to feel like a royal for a short time, stroll through the magnificent rooms with sparkeling chandeliers. Also the stairs remind me so very much of Beauty & the Beast.

4. Le Tour Eiffel

There are several good view points to admire the Tower in it's beauty. To see it in a large scale, one should go to Trocadero, where you can also see the sparkling lights spectacle at night. Every full hour, the tower starts a flickering light session, sparkling like a diamond.
Accessing the actual tower has become more and more difficult, due to strong military protection and strict control. During earlier visits, it was always permitted to go under the center of the tower and take a look up. Nowadways the area around the whole tower is fenced and you can only get closer through security checks and scans. It was by far less busy now, when years ago one had to queue 2 hours to climb the tower.
Climbing the Tower is nothing for people afraid of heights, due to the see-through metallic stairs. Also it is quite tough, so better do it in the morning, when you are still fit.

5. Notre Dame

Well we all know the famous Disney Movie of Notre Dame that is based on the historical Novel Notre-Dame de Paris by Victor Hugo. This Cathedral has been built for almost 200 years and is by far the most beautiful and detailed church i have seen. The location on an Island in the Seine puts her in the best light from different angles. While the front with the two huge bell towers and its huge 3 doors is ornamented with hundreds of little christian statues, the side roof and high tops are featuring the famous gargoyles. Nowadays one can climb one of the Towers, visiting the sept and it's beautiful windows is free of charge.

6. Saint Chapelle

Notre Dame is the biggest, but Saint Chapelle the most beautiful Church i have ever seen. This Chapelle is known for it's huge collection of stained glass. The first time we entered the upper big hall, the sunlight was just rising and all the colourful windows started to sparkle and exlode in brightness. I kept asking myself how so much glass and so little stone can hold the beautiful ceiling. Most interesting is, that every window looks different and one can read big Parts of the Old and New Testamend in the huge framed glasses at the sides, while the rounded end apse shows the Passion and Infancy of Christ.

7. Palais Luxembourg

Another maybe less popular spot for Sunday strolls and picknick in Parcs is the Palais du Luxembourg. Lying quite far away from the rest of the touristy spots in the 6th Arrondissement, one has to travel a while south to get here. Little sister of the Palais du Versailles, the palace is used by the state today.

8. Champs-Elysée & Arc de Triomphe

I always walked the Champs-Elysées starting at Charles-de-Gaulle Étoile and ending at the Louvre. I don't know why, but generally this is the nicer way to walk. If you get off at the Arc de Triomphe, take the left-sidewalk, since here will be the nicest shops and cafés. On the righthand sidewalk you will find other luxury stores like Louis Vuitton ect. You can drink a latte to go and observe the busy bees around you, walking towards Grande and Petite Palais, through some nice alleys, ending at Place de la Concorde. From here you can continue and enter the Gardens of the Louvre, or you walk to the river, where you will have a fantastic view onto the Musée d'Orsay and the Eiffeltower.

9. Ponte Alexandre III

Paris most famous and beautiful bridge is located on same latitude with Grand and Petit Palais, close to Champs-Elysée. Most remarkable are the golden Statues at the start and the end, and as well the beautiful decorated statues in the center of the Bridge. Even the streetlamps are a piece of Art. From here you will have a fantastic view over the river, facing the Eiffeltower in the West.

10. Le Louvre & Jardin de Tuileries

Being honest, i have never actually been inside the Louvre, but let alone the outside Facade speaks for itself. To actually visit this huge Castle Museum, one has to plan 1-2 Days and have a high interest in Arts. Time we never had to spare so far. Very famous is the glass pyramid entrance. Furthermore right in front of the museum, one can find the small Arc de Triomphe and on a clear day, you will be able to see all arches within each other from here, even up to La Defense.

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