when in paris.. spots you never heard of, but shouldn't miss out

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I have been so  many times in Paris, but there is still so much more to see. This trip we focused on a mixture between our favourite typical touristic sights and spots we had never been to before. 
If you really want to see some secret spots in any city you go to, you should put aside your lonely planet (although these are really good) and browse through tripadvisor and instagram. Especially the last one is really good to find less popular and extraordinary sights. 
All the below spots i found through instagram, so they are gaining a lot of fame recently. Better be fast, before they get overcrowded as well. 

Musée D'Orsay

This museum lies opposite the river at the same level as thee Jardin de Tuileries. It has it's own metro station, so if you don't want to walk, it's pretty easy to reach with the yellow big line. 
The main reason i wanted to visit the musuem is the restaurant behind the big clocktower. From here you have a fantastic view on Sacre Coeur (my mum's very favourite spot in the city) 
To access the restaurant, one actually has to pay entrance to the museum, which is 12€ per Person. I was getting quite upset, since a musuem visit was not on our plan and paying this much, just for a view and a probably more expensive drink in the restaurant, let me rethink the need of this visit. 
Anyhow we decided to pay, since we extra came, but very luckily the security guard had heard that we really only want to see the clock. So on our way to the cashier, he stopped us and muggled us in through the gift shop. So we actually got this museum visit for free, but as i have seen it now, it's also worth paying for. It reminded me very much of the MET in New York, although it is much smaller. Basically we only found the clock with the restaurant, but realised afterwards, that there are two, when we had a look from the outside. Nevertheless we could not find the other one, that has the better view. So take your time to explore all corners of this Musuem. 

Grande Mosquée de Paris

Being a real fan of arabian architecture, my biggest wish is to see Marrakesh one day. Nevertheless, this is not an option as a lonely blond woman for now. If you like the flamboyant decorations and arches, you should come to the mosque in paris, lying very close to the Institut du Monde Arabe. 
The Complex of the Mosque is quite big and featuring a small café in a beautiful garden, a huge garden inside the Mosque itself, a tower and several rooms for praying. If you visit, please check the praying hours before due to respect. 

The french kitchen has so many pastries and sweets to offer, but unfortunately all of them contain milk or egg. To not miss out, i was desperate to find the best vegan bakery in town and found this cute little place, that offers a huge varation of cakes and even french croissants for breakfast. Forget about LaDuree, which is overrated and come here instead. To come here, take best the Metro to Etienne Marcel station and stroll along the main roads, that offer so many different culinary treats. 
I had a version of a Black Forest Cake and a Tiramisu Muffin, both so delicious, that i would have loved to try the whole menu. Unfortunately croissants were already out, since we came at lunch. So on my next trip to Paris, i will try my very first french croissant here. 

Galerie Lafayette Rooftop

There has always been a restaurant on top of Printemps, but this one has recently been closed for renovation. Another very good view, especially at night can be taken from the Rooftop of the very famous shopping Mall Galerie Lafayette. Half of the platform is though occupied by a bar, so the best view can only be enjoyed when sipping a fancy drink there, but otherwise you get a great glimpse of the Eiffeltower and the Opera for free.

Au vieux Paris

This tiny little hotel/restaurant is the oldest in Paris and lying very close to Notre Dame. The whole fassade is covered by leaves and the colourful furniture outside is placed on the sidewalk, with many little Trees and Plants. While eating typical french cuisine, for a moderate price, you can hear some little canary birds sing in the cage next to you. Also the restrooms are the smallest i have ever been to, guess at earlier times people weren't as big as nowadays.

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