Paris is always a good idea

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Well i honestly can't say how very often i actually have been to Paris, but this is my very favorite city in the world. Even New York can't match with it. 
There is one word for each city and Paris word is definitely l'amour. 
There is something so captivating and beautiful about this city, that keeps me coming back again and again, falling in love allover each time. There are so many things to see in Paris, even after being there so often, i discover new spots each time. While all big cities grow and change really rapidly, Paris still has his old charming character. It is dirty yes, but that's just how you take it. 
I like Paris most because of it's architectal features, although i am not an expert. The streets of Paris just have their own character, high houses with these cute little balconies, pressed to each other along endless roads, all somehow ending at the Arc de Triomphe de l'étoile.
 I would say i inherited my love for this city from my mother, who has been even more often than me.
As a perfect birthday gift to us both, we decided to go back again to Paris after a long break, nevertheless the present fear of terror. 
Paris is nice in every season, but i would say that autumn is my very favourite. It is not too hot, still there is a leftover summer breeze and the city is far less crowded.

Budget: 350€ (Flights 100€, Hostel 150€, 100€ Food, Entrances, Transport)
Duration: 4 days (3 nights)
Travel Time: Middle of October

 Good to Know
How to get around:
Paris has several airports, but it is still very easy to get into town from each with public Transport. We landed in Charles de Gaulle, north of the City and took the RER to Gare du Nord. 
There is a very cheap deal called Pass Navigo, which is a weekly ticket for all public Transport in Paris. It includes all Zones, thence transport to and from the Airport and even further out to Versailles. 
This pass starts on Monday and ends on Sunday, so it is only a really good deal, if you come in the start or middle of the week. Otherwise seperate tickets might be cheaper. 
Regular Transport from Airport to the City costs 10€ each way. 
To buy a Pass Navigo you need to bring a passport size picture to stick onto your Card, which makes it only valid for you. The price for a week is 22,80€ adding a Fee of 5€ for loading the card first time. If you ever come back (which is for sure) you can just reload your card.
Where to stay:
I have stayed in many different places in Paris, but for young people i would definitly recommend St. Christopher's Inn Hostel at Gare du Nord. It is far the best starting point to visit the city, being very good connected to public transport. They offer private rooms as well, we had a 2 Bunk Bed Room with Private Bath. It is indeed small, but you explore the city all day (and night), so there is no need for a very fancy Hotel. If you book a private room, breakfast is also included, as well as an Aperol Drink at the Bar every night between 6-7pm. The Bar directly inside the Hostel has quite a negative touch as well, since the music is insanely loud and you better bring some earplugs, if you got a light sleep.
French people are extremely polite, especially when living in Sweden, people are just SO nice! 
They do speak english, but if you make an effort to speak french, they will be even more friendly.
The french food is quite sweet, you will find patisseries everywhere and you will not get around trying Pain au Chocolat, Croissants, Eclairs, Macarons et Baguette naturellement!

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