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Every Year has it's ups and downs and although we are already into the new year for quite some time, i still think it's not too late for a re-cap of 2017's best. Naturally the time on vacation has been the outstanding. I was very fortune to travel to many different destinations this year and would not want to miss any of these experiences. 
(PS: This is also my 100th Post)

FEBRUARY - Gran Canaria

To escape swedish winter i did a retreat to my personal favourite Canarian Island. Favourite Spot: The Dunes of Maspalomas. While this was actually exactly what i needed during that time, i will not come back too soon, since these islands are too touristy for me. Nevertheless a lot of sunshine at the start of the year to load up theVitamin D storage.

MAY - New York

New York is an awesome place, which i could visit any time again, looking back at it now. Shortly after being there, i said i do absolutely not like New York, but actually you need to get your distance first and then you will miss the Big Apple. One of the highlights was definitely the Musical "Wicked" on Broadway. Favourite Spot is Central Park and the stairs of the Met ofc. xoxo

AUGUST - Italy

Starting getting more and more comfortable with traveling, i decided to do my very first "real" backpacking trip. Which meant 2 weeks with a 30l Backpack, 3 nights maximum in the same place and so much to see. This journey tought me not only how to pack only the things you will actually use, but also i met so many people at hostels and air bnbs, which enriched this trip so much. Favourite Place: Positano.


Well i have been to Paris so many times, but after quite a long break, this spontanious trip with my mother made me fall in love again with this city. With bright sunshine and a really golden october, this was my favourite visit to this city of all time. Favourite Spot: Gardens of Versailles/Montmatre

DECEMBER - Guadeloupe

Keeping it quite french, my most amazing winter escape was a 2 weeks trip to Guadeloupe. Hiking in the jungle, chasing waterfalls and having a 1,5km long beach to myself on some days was like a dream come true. Also escaping the christmas stress and new year's eve was quite a great decision. 

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