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Amalfi is the main town of the Coast and with Positano and Ravello one of the most popular spots to visit. Being rather small, it has still quite a few spots you do not want to miss out on.

How to get here:
Amalfi is also central spot for Bus traffic, since the SITA lines towards Salerno and Sorrento start and end here. Otherwise you can also get a Boat from any other destination.

What to do:
Amalfi cathedral: The main attraction in the city is the Cattedrale di Sant'Andrea, that is lying in the city center very close to the beach.
The church is dedicated to the Apostel Saint Andrews, whose relics are kept here. You can visit the Cathedral for free, but if you would like to see the Cloister of Paradise, which is directly built next to it, you need to pay a small fee. The visit includes a climb down in the tombs of the church, where noble people of Amalfi were buried.
A very popular thing is to have breakfast and a fresh latte on the steps of the cathedral, bought at one of the fancy cafés around the place.

Drink fresh Lemon Juice: The Amalfi Coast is known for all it's products made from lemon, wether it is liqueur, sorbetto or other treats, these lemons tastes different. The name of this sort is sfusato amalfitano, and the difference is in taste and size compared to our lemons in the supermarket. They can be double the size and taste much sweeter. I found a very good place, recommended by trip advisor, that serves a big bucket of fresh lemon slush for 6€. It's located in a small alley, lefthandside when you walk up the town from the cathedral.

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