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Salerno is quite big compared to the other small towns around Amalfi Coast and was the first spot i headed to on my 2 weeks trip. Apart from a beautiful promenade with a huge harbour, the center has a buzzing nightlife, lots of shops and restaurants with food from all over the world. 


How to get here
You can very easily get to Salerno by fast Train from Rome, which takes around 3h in total. Otherwise coming from the Coast the local SITA busses and ferries can take you here. 

Where to stay:
After staying at Nancy's in New York, which was such an incredible air bnb experience, i did not expect to find something comparable again, but the Sunny Side of Augustine's place, really made me appreciate a good host. Augustine is a friendly middle-aged soul, speaking quite good English, compared to many other Italians and lives a 5min Walk from the Beach in Salerno.
The appartment consists of the beautiful open living-room kitchen area, modern bathrooms and 2 rooms that she rents out. You are free to use the kitchen and cook, which another girl in the first night actually did. She cooked japanese for the 3 of us, which tasted amazing.
My room was rather small, but i did not need much more. Augustine's cat Amelie will stalk around the House as well, but basically she doesn't care for you at all.

What to do:
Il Giardino della Minerva: This garden lies high up in eastern Salerno. It is closed during Mondays, but otherwise mostly open all day from 9am-8pm. The opening hours are seasonal, so better check online before. The entrance is 3€ and you can access a terrace garden, that mainly inhabits medical plants and herbs, but fruit trees as well. Most beautiful is the alley, covered by grape vines, which also offers a fantastic view over the city in the evening.

Acquedotto Medievale: This  is a very old historical sight, consisting of several arches close to Salerno Central Station. While there was not so much to read about, they are more to see and capture on your camera.

Duomo di Salerno: This big church with a big yard and fountain in Front is lying in the very central heart of the city. The church is dedicated to Saint Matthews, whose relics are inside the crypt. While the inside looked more like any other church to me, the cathedral has a striking belltower, which you can see as well from the yard.  

Boattrips: The harbour of Salerno is quite big and there are several boats leaving the day to different locations around the Amalfi coast. I took a boat to Positano which took around 70min and was 12€ one way. 

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