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Maiori is rather a small spot i have to mention, because i actually spend a day here. This little town lies between Minori and Salerno, and is the big neighbour of the first. Nevertheless there is unfortunately not so much to see in this place, thence beaching is the main activity. 

How to get here: 
The SITA busses offer transport to Maiori, as well as boats from smaller companies. Fairly easy you can also stay a day with a car, just to check out the area. 

What to do:
Seintiere dei Limoni (see Minori) - i walked from Minori to Maiori, but of course you can also do it the other way around, which might be a completely different experience. 

Church of Santa Maria a Mare: If you have yet not visited enough churches, you can visit this one as well. While more impressive from the outside, due to its nice rooftop, the church is kind of random inside. Below you will find the view when walking over from Minori.

Shopping: While Minori is super small and has almost no shops, Maiori offers a nice promenade and many small local shops. If you do not like Italian food, or just want to try something different, there are some international places to eat here as well. 

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