Tyresta Nationalpark

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If you visit Stockholm, but would like to see swedish countryside as well, you can either take a boat ride to the archipelago or head south-east to Tyresta Nationalpark, which takes approx 1h30 by Bus from Central Stockholm. 
The protected Area is in total around 47 km2 big, so of course you will not be able to see all within one day. 
Me and my friend decided to escape city and go hiking at one weekend last year. We did absolutely not know what expected us, but we were more than happy to come here.
Since the area is that big, you will maybe meet one person per hour, when striking through the forest. (Which is perfect to escape civilisation). I have never smelled this fresh air, nor heard the actual sound of the woods. 
As a German, living almost in towns and cities my whole life, i have never had the chance to embrace nature at this scale. 
The Park features many different landscapes, there are huge forest areas, then rocky mountains in between and endless lakes. A part of the Park burned during 1999 and you can still see the impact today. 
I would recommend you to always follow the path, if you do not know anything about hiking signs, better stay close to the bigger ones.
We entered the Park from Tyresta Station in the East and made our way  to the big lake Ärsjön, where we had a picnic with avocadotoast and lunch break.
Backwards we actually decided to take some smaller path, leading directly into a rocky mountain area. Basically we totally lost orientation and felt like Frodo and Sam, wandering around in middle earth. Somehow we still made it back to the Bus stop.
In autumn Tyresta Nationalpark is recommended for picking mushrooms, especially my favourite Chantarelles, so guess who's back this year. (But with better boots and maybe GPS)

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