Kantarell - Toast

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There are a lot of things, that are good about living in Sweden actually. Although i might sound quite negative very often, i have found a few things i absolutely adore here. One of these is the next level of avocado toast (we have all seen enough of them) - Chantarelle Toast. 
I do it the most swedish way anyhow possible. Since i have never eaten Chanterelle at all before coming here, i started some addiction quite recently after trying them for the first time. 
Level: EASY
What you need:
100g Chanterelle 
1 Clove Garlic
Olive Oil
Oatly Pamackan (Creme Cheese)
1 Ragbröd
Fresh Rosemary
Fling Salt&Pepper
First there are a few basic rules when picking chatarelle at the supermarket. Do not take the biggest ones, although it might look tempting. Especially for the toast the middle sized ones are perfect. Also do not take too dirty ones and pay attention to the colour, which should be freshly orange. You can see best, if the chanterelle are good on the inside umbrella of the mushroom. The structure should be clearly visible and not looking dry. Sounds like expertise, yes it is!
Clean your chantarelle and cut off a small part of the root and seize them into halfs. 
Heat up olive oil in a pan and add your garlic. Most important when frying the mushrooms is, that the pan is already very hot, once you add them.
Add the chantarelle and fry for approx 10-15min until they have a saturated colour. 
Spread your cream cheese on the very typical swedish ragbröd, which you can buy at any bakery or supermarket. 
I always use Oatly Creme Cheese, but you can use also any other brand. (Oatly is  a swedish brand offering a large range of dairy free products, made from swedish Oats, SUPRISE )
Add your chantarelle while they are still hot, so the cream cheese will slightly melt on your bread. Spice up with  Fling Salt&Pepper and fresh Rosemary. 

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