Sweet Potato Gnocchi

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Italian Food is just so good! To get into the right mood for my upcoming trip to the Amalfi Coast and Rome, i had some research and got much inspired. I always bought Gnocchi ready at the store before, because i thought they are so hard to make, but suprise, it's actually incredibly easy! Also you can avoid wheat by using an alternate flour.
Level: EASY
What you need (2 portions):
1/2 middle size Sweet Potato (approx 250g)
1 dl Oats
 1dl Spelt Flour 
1 Tbsp Olive Oil
Peel your Sweet Potato and cook half of it. The other half you can use to make some delicious fries or wedges in the oven, or for Sweet Potato Toasts.
Cook the potato until it nearly falls apart, leave approx 1/2 dl of water with it. Blend your sweet potato until it is smooth, be careful since its quite hot.
Process your oats and add to the Sweet Potato Puree. Fill into a Bowl and add your Flour as well. Knead the dough and add further flour if neccesary. It's quite hard to work out the right amount. Do not overdo the dough, since it gets dry otherwise. Add a bit of Oil and knead until it is not sticking to your fingers anymore. Let it rest for an hour in the fridge. 
Pour flour on a flat surface and split your dough. Make first small rolles and cut these into little pieces. 
Form little balls and give them some structure with a fork. 
Heat up water with salt and a bit oil until it cooks. Now add your gnocci and cook until they swim at the surface. It can take a bit longer than ready bought ones, but they are definitly better!

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