Hornsgatan - Stockholm

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When you live and work in a city, you tend to just do your regular things and at the weekend, one is mostly just relaxing, or at least i am. So when my dear friends from Germany came, i had to come up with some entertainment. I had looked up an amazing vegan café on Södermalm, so me and my friend headed there on Sunday.

This café is one of my favourites here in Stockholm, since it's vegan i never need to mind about my allergies. It is located on Hornsgatan, close to Zinkensdam Metro Station. The place is quite big, there is a ground area with cushions and also a small balcony with second floor, where you can enjoy your smoothie bowl or raw cakes. For lunch they offer the most amazing sweet potato fries and other healthy green treats.
Furthermore the cafe has a back terrace, which is really nice to sit on in summer. Me and my friends had breakfast here, so of course we picked some smoothie bowls. I can never get around coffee, so i had a regular latte, although i was quite tempted to try a rainbow one.
Come here and read a book, or do some research for studies, you will love it. As Stockholm food prices are quite high in general, i would not call any place proper cheap. But here you get at least a lot for your money.

When walking up further north Hornsgatan, you will find some very nice unique stores.
If you like licorice, you have to come here. Anything that can possibly be connected to this flavour, is available here. My friends boyfriend loves the taste, so we stepped by to get a gift for him.
Anyway the choice was very hard, due to a massive selection. There are not only candies, but also fresh baked products, lemonades, teas and even licorice salt. Not enough, there are even creams and cosmetics with anis flavour: The absolute licorice overdose.

This is one of the most impressive vintage interiour shops i have ever been to. Here you can find unique decoration for your home, not at all clean scandinavian, but bright and simply amazing. The selection is huge and prices are not cheap, so to say, but you buy these pieces for a lifetime. If i would ever have a home of my own, i would shop here to give my place a character.

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