Swedish Summer Nights - Trädgården

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Well if you move to Stockholm and hear around people, where to go out and club, everyone will talk about this mystic place Trädgården or also known as "Under Bron" (Under the Bridge).
Basically this is the place to be on a long warm swedish summer night (unfortunately not happening that often this year) 
The place is built more like a constant festival under the bridge leading from Södermalm to Hammarby. The area is quite big and rebuilt every season. In winter the area is much smaller and only inside, while in summer there is a huge open air space with wooden benches, a restaurant, swings and anything your festival spirit needs. 
Quite nerdy are also the pingong tables all around the yard. Swedish people love to play games (some say it helps them avoid talking). If you want to keep this moment forever, you can take shoots in one of the photo boxes. 
If you do not want so socialize at all, you can even play super mario on a huge projected screen. This is super cool, but you have to wait quite long, if a pro is in action until you get your turn. 
In the back, higher area, which you can access through the clubs or by some small side stairs, you can find a number of swings, which are always very busy. Do not swing to much or you will be told of. 
After your pingpong championship, more than one super mario gameover and some swings, you might be hungry. No worries this place features as said a restaurant and 2 Burger grills, one directly by the entrance and one next to the swings. If you want to fill up your alcohol level, you can do that for swedish price (a beer 6€ approx) in any of the bars. 
Well this sounds all super cool and fantastic. Indeed you have to spend a night here when visiting Stockholm, but there is always a dark side as well. I am not going to hide it from you.
If the weather is amazing, you can directly be prepared to wait between 2-3 hours in queue, unless you come at 4pm already. Most people come around 11, but as said if the weather is nice, EVERYONE in town will be here. Basically there is even a queue, when the area is empty. They just pretend it's always busy.
So while waiting in line you can sip your prosecco (or something stronger) out of your water plastic bottle, since it's indeed forbidden here to drink on the streets. (I did not know and got told of by the police, so don't try)
When you finally reach the end of the queue and are about to get in, the entrance price will probably have risen from 0sek to 120sek or 180sek (around 13 or 20€) and this is not including a free drink! 
Then of course after emtying all your precious alcohol (bought at systembolaget, the only shop to access over 3% beverages) you will need the toilet. 
The later it gets, the more disgusting it is and do not wonder if you can see your neighbour while letting go. There are some wooden cabins that are literally only covering your lower parts, so you can grin your neighbour in the face, while trying not to touch the toilet. These toilets are indeed festive. 
If you are fine now, you can swing your leg on the dancefloor, but do not expect any men to approach or even look at you. There will be plenty of nordic beauties around you, but here it is your turn to get them. While the disco ball is turning and the swedish night never ends, you might find the love of your life (Or end up lonely with a hungover dip at 6am in one of the lakes nearby)

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