Rosendals Trädgård - Stockholm

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One of the top attractions in Stockholm is Rosendal's Trädgård. Especially if you are interested in plants, agriculture and eco-friendly living and food, you will find this place extraordinary. I have been there so many times, just because it changes all year around.
Trädgård is a swedish word for "housegarden" and  the area around Rosendal is a huge one. It is located on the museum Island Djurgården, which you can easily access by ferry or tram. Since the garden is located in the center, one has to walk a bit from the station. Although you are quite in the middle of the city, you feel like being in the countryside.
The whole place consists of several huge green houses, of which several are used for a plant market. The other parts are ocupied by severeal guests, enjoying the delicious fresh food.
The dishes variate, since all vegetables and ingredients are seasonal.
In the main green house you can find a buffet with amazing sandwiches (mackas) and different cakes and raw balls (bullar). The daily fresh kitchen serves usually 4 main dishes, one is mostly a soup and another a salad. Fresh water and bread with butter is included when eating here. A main dish costs between 120-140sek.
Drinkwise there is a huge offer of eco lemonades and vines, as well as coffee and tea. You can sit outside between the apple trees or one of the terraces as well.
After filling your tummy, you should stop by the little shop next to the restaurant. They have beautiful handcrafted products and special honeys and sauces, all eco of course. Also you can get fresh baked bread and harvested products from the garden. This place is an oasis to escape hectic city live and approach farmlife in a different way.
Tipp: Watch out for different seasonal events (rose day, pumpkin day) on their website.

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