Shop till you drop!

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Many people just go to New York for shopping and movies like Sex and the City encourage you to believe this is the perfect location to get an allover new look. Nevertheless we were quite busy with seeing all the typical must-see touristic spots, so our shopping was not as successfull as we thought. My friend had even booked extra luggage on our way back, because we expected huge sales. But you have to consider that in the city you can not make as good deals. If you want to shop cheap and get greatest offers, you have to leave town and go to some outlets, further out. Anyway, there are some amazing spots in the city, where a shopper's heart skips a beat.

Nike Town
This sounds maybe weird and it's not typical girly shopping paradise, but for us it was heaven! The nike town is located 67th E 57th Street, close to 5th Avenue and the biggest Nike store i have ever seen. It spreads over 5 floors with any possible sports equipment/gear, uncountable shoes and just everything nike has to offer. On ground floor there is a print station, where you can design your personal nike tee, which we could not resist to do. Since we are both very into sports, we have been visiting this shop several times, just for inspiration. Still it was so tempting to shop everything there was. Unfortunately everything is normal price.

Macy's Shoe Outlet
We did not plan to go to Macy's but while searching for Empire State Building (yes it is hard to find if you are only between high rise blocks), we bumped into it and could not resist of having a look around. Macy's is build like the Gallerie Lafayette in Paris, but with mostly american brands. So when we entered, we were first a bit disappointed, because there was no big sale or anything nice price. But the best about Macy's is the shoe floor, or the shoe sale, where hundreds of women go crazy. Since it is american size, we had a hard time to figure out our size first, but between the rags of up to 70%discount on label shoes, dreams come true!

Victoria's Secret
I am not a big fan, but my friend is. So we have been hunting for this one big victoria secret shop for ages, it was actually quite funny since we went crazy about it. When we finally found it, (i can't even remember, if one of us bought anything) it was not as impressive at all. Still there are shops all over town, we realized afterwards. So if you need new panties, you will find them here.

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