Almond Butter

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Well in Sweden prices for food are insanely high, compared to Germany. Nevertheless almond butter is also not really cheap there either. When i checked ingredients it always just said 100% almonds and was not sure how that could be possible. There had to be a secret very expensive ingredient to make it that smooth, maybe some exotic oil or whatever. Rubbish!
Almond butter does indeed only consist of almonds and there is a secret trick and most precious ingredient: PATIENCE
Not exactly my strongest trait. Actually i could be called "miss impatient" but making this butter teached me a lesson.
Level: TRICKY/EASY (depending if you are a patient person)
What you need:
400g whole Almonds
You need a good blender for this, because it will take a long time to blend, which will lead to heating up the motor of the blender quite much.
First you prepare your almonds. Spread them on a baking sheet and put them in the preheated oven (170°c) for around 10min.
Pour the warm almonds (be careful not to burn yourself) into the blender. The almonds will be soft now, slightly roasted. Put on the blender and wait. The almonds will be hacked into tiny pieces, which will gather at the edge of the blender always. So once in a while move them down again and let also the blender cool down a bit. After approx. 15-20min of blending the MAGIC will happen. All of a sudden the dry mass will turn into a cream and form a ball. Continue and more oil will be exfoiled from the almonds. Blend until smooth and creamy and fill into a glass for storage.
I was really desperate to add oil/water or at least something to make it smooth, but you only have to wait and see. Making your own almond butter is only half price of the bought one and much more fresh. Very often the bought ones already have a layer of oil on top, due to their age.
The butter should stay good for a few weeks, in my home it might last one.

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