Financial District

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As already mentioned we divided the days in different Districts of Manhattan, to make sure we see as much as possible of New York. On the second day, which was a Tuesday, we went to see the Financial District, where following Points were on our list to see.

New York City Hall
 Since we took the green line downtown we left at City Hall station to walk over to Ground Zero. The Metro Entrance here is actually a really nice one, comparing to the rest in New York.
Walking south from the metro to your right side you will see a very nice building, fenced with a lot of security guards. This is New York City Hall, which is one of the oldest, actually used ones in the US. One can therefore not visit or see it from the inside. Close by you can find a nice green park with a fountain. Around this square there are at least 4 Starbucks. So one can grab a very deserved ice latte, which you get used to quite fast in summer in NY.

One world Memorial/Ground Zero
This is one of the youngest attractions to see and was by far the most modern part of New York we visited. Due to the terror attack on 11th September, the Twin Towers disappeared and where they once rose up high in the sky are left two huge holes, filled with water. It is a really touching place and i could not imagine a better solution to honor the victims. One can either visit the ground by yourself, or the museum beside. Additional it is also possible to get a guided tour, which we did not do. This place is hard to capture in words, so better experience for yourself.

Charging Bull/Wall Street
Walking from Ground Zero towards the south and ferry point to Ellis Island, you won't get around this. Located on Wall Street is a huge bronze statue of a Bull, that is by far the most attractive sight, especially for asian tourists. It was literally impossible to get a picture without them, so i let it be. A walk down wall street will end in Bowling Green Park, which is such a nice sight after all those high rise blocks. There is a big fountain and behind you can find the National Museum of the American Indian, which is worth a picture as well.

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