Purple Berry (Acai) Bowl

by - 20:00

Since when is everyone fussing so much about acai? I can only remember having my first bowl on Bali and since then i've been longing to have one at home as well. Acai powder is actually quite expensive here, but luckily their taste is very intense, so you do not need so much and it's so worth it.
Level: EASY
What you need:
- 2 Bananas
- Soyjoghurt (natural)
 - lemon juice
- frozen Raspberries
- frozen Blueberries
- 1 tsp lingonberry powder
- 2 tsp Acai Powder
- Flowers
- Passionfruit
- Blueberries
- Chia Seeds
- Buckwheat
- Coconut Flakes
- Soyjoghurt
Mix all ingredients for the smoothie in a blender and fill into your bowl. For drawing with soy joghurt, the top layer has to be already quite melted. Add lines of soy joghurt with a spoon in one direction and pull all those lines in an 90degree angle afterwards to achieve the bows. This was actually the first time i did it myself and it took a few tries. Until then the bowl was already completely melted. In that case just put it in the freezer for a while, to add your topping later.

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