A bit Brooklyn

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Actually, I have not so much to tell about Brooklyn, since we only spend half a day there and could not see all the nice/arty spots. Rather short summary of a place that has so much to offer.
Next time i'll go to New York, i will plan at least 2 days here. At least we saw bits and pieces, so just an inspiration for more to come. It reminded us very much of Stockholms Södermalm, more down-to-earth and less glass facades.
We went downtown Manhattan on Friday morning and of course we walked Brooklyn Bridge from there, although it could have been a great idea to rent a bike on that day instead, due to 35°c and burning sun.
The bridge is actually not that long, but during that heat it felt like a 10k run. When you finally reach Brooklyn there are a few art gallerys and there is one corner where you have the perfect view on Manhattan Bridge.
When we stepped by, there was again a photo shooting, so this set is extremely popular. Furthermore there are some vey nice coffee places and everyone walking around is more in a creative bubble and not as stressed as on 5th avenue. By the water directly under the Bridge is the Bridge Cafe, an extremly fancy place, so we were not proper dressed or rich enough to eat there. Anyway you can enjoy a fantastic view from here and walk to the left side in Brooklyn Bridge Park. If you want to have a cheaper lunch, there is a Shake Shack Burger place nearby, but they just offer typical american fast food.
As said we only saw a tiny fraction of Brooklyn. We really wanted to go to Williamsburg as well and I insisted on going to Avocaderia, a new place near Brooklyn Harbour, but it all felt quite risky, since we had our flights the same day in the evening and due to my misplanning we thought our flight was way earlier, than it actually was. So instead of enjoying the quarters of Brooklyn a bit longer, we spent 5h at the airport. Shame on me! 

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