A vegan household

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So when chosing air bnb's one always tries to find a host with a lot of recommendations and when i started looking for a place to stay in NYC, i had a tough time to find something affordable, central and good looking.
I made a great catch when finding Nancy's air bnb, located in East Harlem on Manhattan. She is usually booked out pretty fast almost a year ahead, so if you want to stay at hers, better book about 8month in advance, which i did.
I originally booked only for myself, but it was not a problem at all to add my friend into later. Nancy is really nice and very informative already when you contact her by mail. (for 2 people it was around 580€ for 6 nights)
Anyway there are a few points to mention and this air bnb experience has been changing a lot for me at how looking and accepting other people's lifestyle.
Nancy is a strict vegan, she offers a huge vegan breakfast and asks you not to bring any dairy products in her house, which is not a big deal for me. It was rather a great opportunity, since i had a hard time anyway to get food around town, due to my numerous allergies.
Furthermore Nancy has quite a few rules in her tiny apartment, which she writes about in a two pages text on her profile/description. First you might be overwhelmed, but it is indeed quite basic rules that well behaved/educated people already know.
If you forget to do something, Nancy will make you a little card next day as a reminder (once we accidently did  not wash out the kettle, so next morning she put up an illustration how to do it)
The cosy apartment is also covered anyway with notes and illustrations how to use the lights or how to spread the shower curtain (it sounds now super weird when writing about it, but it did not change the fact, that it was a really nice stay)
Nancy prefers that you do not stay out late, so if you want to party all night, this is not the right accomodation for you. It is fine to stay out longer than 11pm e.g. if you watch a musical, but she likes to be informed, because she really cares for you.
As a host and person, Nancy is just fascinating and really inspiring.
She is around 70 years old, but still as fresh as any women in midage. She is very active and working with tv shows and her own vegan organisation and is really passionate about it. Although she lives alone, she never seems to be bored and she really enjoys having you there. She is trying to learn a lot of languages still, so she has different cards and posters she puts up for your breakfast in your mother language. I would love to be as active and smart at that age.
When staying at different air bnbs, with other cultural background you develop much more tolerance. Some time ago i would have thought "what a crazy, weird woman" but now i see it as a possibility to meet interesting/individual people and learn a lot. THANK YOU!

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