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Well i have a few spots and pictures of places in New York left to show you and do not really know which topic to fit them in. Nevertheless they are worth mentioning, and some we actually just bumped into and never planned to see.

The New York Library
I love, love books and this was one of the most impressive libraries i have ever seen. It's not the amount of endless books, that is impressive, but the construction and layout.
We walked south on our first day just around and suddenly this massive building popped up in front of us. When we entered i directly recognized this space from the first Sex and the City movie. Typical me. I literelly saw Carrie falling down the stairs with her amazing dress, when her wedding was cancelled.
Anyway the library has much more to offer, for people who are not movie maniacs. Huge parts are carved of wood, as the shelfs and the ceiling, combined with beautiful paintings. To reach the huge hall one has to climb above mentioned stairs, which was quite hard after having walked 15km that day already, but it was so worth it.
As a tourist you are only allowed to see the left wing of the big book hall, where hundreds of people sit in silence studying and educating themselves. Really impressive how many people can be as quiet in such a big room. I would love to sit here and get lost in an endless world of books.

Yet another very famous movie set. If you watched Breakfast at Tiffany's you must stop by at the one and only original store at 5th Avenue. Probably your wallet is not big enough to buy anything except a ballpen, but just stepping inside and having all those sparkling jewels in front of you is impressive.
 This store has 6 Floors in total and they have absolutely everything.
The ceilings are very high which makes this shop even more impressive. Even the air smell brilliant, due to many flowers.
If you change floor, you will use one of the most fancy elevators i have ever been into. It's made of dark marble and there is an assistant who is even pushing the button for you to access the floor of your desire. The people working here are extraordinary friendly without being demanding or pushy.
So we went to the Floor with all the silver and affordable stuff, since we did not dare to go to the very top, where billionaires shop.
Of course you will bump into couples in the elevator, usually the girl dragging her boyfriend to the  engagement ring department. Well, lifegoals.

Flatiron Building
One of the buildings in New York that is known for its unusual shape of architecture is the Flatiron Building, located near Madison Square Park on Fifth Avenue, Broadway and 23rd Street. The building itself is worth for a picture, but as its always really busy in this area, you will have lots of other tourists on your shots as well. During our stay there was a really nice collection of Food Trucks at Worth square nearby, Mad. Sq. Eats.
There was literally everything one could wish for and many culinary suprises, apart from the usual burger and chips you get here. Otherwise you can also hang around in Madison Square Garden, which is a lovely spot to relax after a long walk.

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