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You know these people that you'll see in museums, standing in front of some picture for at least 10min with this sceptic/brainworking face, deep in thoughts? Well i am definitly not one of them. Therefore i usually not go to museums, or at least i do not stay long inside. I stroll around and have a look most of the time, approving or not what i see. But even I stayed in MET museum a whole morning, due to it's size and this was a rare moment i actually liked it.
The museum is built on 2 floors, representing different types of Art from all over the world. You'll first enter the centered entrance hall, which is already impressive and huge. Also you'll recognize it from the MET Gala Pictures or different movies, eg. Percy Jackson and the lightning thief.
This is playing mainly on the ground floor, where all sculptures and ancient art is presented.
Here the influence of daylight is very impressive. On a nice day, which we had a lot of, the sun is shining brightly in most of the huge halls and the atmosphere is really impressive. This makes you feel connected directly to the sky, home to the gods and myths represented here.
Nevertheless the museum also always feautures current exhibitions. During our stay it was a really nice collection of Irving Penn, which i have never heard of before, being no art connoisseur. But my friend is a fan of him and has been in several of his exhibitions. So she was really excited. Indeed it was quite nice to see.
If you proceed to 2nd floor, by the central stairs, you will find yourself between the most famous european artists paintins. The french part was my favourite, being honest. Many of Monet's famous garden paintings are placed here, as well as Van Goghs masterpieces in the Dutch Rooms. For not knowing much about art, i at least recognized these. 
There are also a lot of historical paintings from different european personalities, history lovers will feel really comfortable here.
Another great experience is to visit the roofterrace, which can be only accessed by the elevator in the right wing of the museum. It's a bit tricky to find, since it's not advertised as much, but worth a visit.
Prices up in the bar are insane, so we just went up for the view, which is incredible and giving you another perspective over central park.
This museum is really big and although we skipped the modern art wing, it took us several hours to leave. Also my friend, who is the biggest giftshopper ever got lost in the huge shops. There are at least 3 over the place.
The entrance for the museum is almost for free, since you can decide yourself how much you are willing to pay. Many people do not know this, since there is a big sign with 25$ entrance for adults, with a tiny, tiny star (suggestion, you pay as much as you wish to donate).
The museum is sponsored by a lot of huge companies, and i doubt they actually need the money. Our air bnb host avised us strictly not to pay as much, since Americans also do not pay, she thinks it's not fair to "exploit unawared foreigners"
Nevertheless you will have to live with a very grumpy assistant of the museum, if you say you'd like to donate 1$ only. Next to me there was a girl, who bravely only gave 10cents. Well, there are only a few, few people who have too much money and we do not belong to them.

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