The perfect macka

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"Macka" is the swedish word for a sandwich, bread with whatever. Nowadays there are endless possiblities and options to create your own perfect little macka. Whether in the morning or evening, i love to have my plate with little treats on. So see some inspiration below.
What you need:
-2 slices fullkorn bread
-1/2 avocado
-creame cheese
-fresh oregano
-pumpkin seeds

Slice the bread in quarters and spread creme cheese on all of them. Add a slice of radish and champignon on each. Top the radish with an oregano leaf and the champignons with mustard and a pumpkin seed each. Bed all slices on spinach and arrange in a circle. Leave a gap in the middle for your avocado rose (the avocado has to have perfect ripeness, otherwise it never works). Add salt, pepper, lemon and some flaxseeds on top and here we go. READY!
This is super easy and a quite cheap snack, but looks and tastes delicious. Of course one can variate all toppings.

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