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I have been extremely excited to see New York City, because my very favourite TV show was filmed here. I have seen Gossip Girl for the first time during my High School Years and since then i already rewatched it several times. Might watch it once more, when winter is coming to Sweden. Just to beam myself back to the Upper East Side. I can never get enough of it. If you feel the same, prepare for some of the nicest tv sets, that i visited in New York. I literally dragged my dear friend to all those spots, since she is actually not such a big fan. But THANK YOU for standing out my obsession!

Grand Central Station
"Spotted: Lonely Boy - Can't believe the love of his life has returned. If only she knew who he was"
Every fan will remember the opening scene at Grand Central, when S returns to town and also Dan and his sister Jenny are fetched from their father at the Train Station.
Of course this was the first stop of my little GG trip. Nevertheless Grand Central is shown also in many other movies and films and definitely as stunning as shown on TV. The architecture is incredible and compared to other places, the entrance hall is indeed really big. Most famous the watch in the center on top of the information center is a must-see and from the different balconies all around you can stop and watch the endless amount of travelers and commuters running to their trains. Of course this place is packed with tourists and i guess some teenage gossip girl fans like me as well.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art
"Blair: Would you do me a favour? Anything. Move down a couple of steps"
So the very famous stairs Blair Waldorf and her clique sit on every day is located at 1000 Fifth Avenue At 81st St · 10028 New York. The entrance of the Met Museum. Many fights and scandals have been created by sitting too high, too low on the stairs, which symbolises the hierarchy on the Upper East Side. The origin of a lot of drama is worth a visit. There are indeed lots and lots of people who take pictures on those famous stairs, so you will never find it empty.

Bethesda Terrace and Fountain
Whether it is Nate Archibald and his Father running in Central Park or other endless scenes, this fountain is displayed several times in many episodes. Most important and amazing scene is the incredible wedding of Blair and Chuck. I will never forget how Chuck runs down the stairs, Blair in her light blue Elie Saab Robe and when Blair's stepfather Cyrus promises them to each other under the bridge in front of the Fountain.
Actually this is definitely leading to misunderstanding the location of different spots, since they all gather at the Metropolitan Museum before, one thinks that they just run out the back yard and are found in the archways. In reality the terraces are around a 10min walk at least away from the museum, one of the reasons i did not find it at once.
No matter if you are a GG fan or not, this scenery is very beautiful and one of the hot-spots in Central Park.

Conservatory Pond
Between the MET and Bethesda Terrace there is a small pond, where lots of people are driving their small electric boats. Remember when Jenny Humphrey turned bad? This is where she discovered that Damien Dalgaard is actually a drug dealer and using these boats to do his dark business. In real life this place is just peaceful and innocent. Not as big as other spots in central park, but if you are anyway in the area you can just sit there with a cone of icecream and enjoy the small sails crossing the water.

Lotte New York Palace
Bart Bass' Hotel and Home to the Van der Woodson's is located on 455 Madison Avenue and is one of the many examples for the contrasting architecture in New York. While this building is fairly old and reminds more of an idyllic big country estate, the high rise blocks in the background display Manhattans skyline. This spot was again misplaced, since you never get to see the actual surroundings of the "Palace". Also i got the impression that the Palace is indeed a very high hotel, while it actually has only 4 or 5 Floors.

Dylan's Candy Bar
This is the world's largest candy store, located 1011 3rd Ave. Here Vanessa and Dan shop for Nate's Birthday in the TV show and i have to say that this is indeed a sweet heaven. With over 5.000 different types of Candy, ranging from Chocolate to Licorice and rainbow candies, no one will leave without a treat in this shop.

The Empire State Building
"Chuck Bass: We're never going to be safe. So are you brave enough or aren't you? I'll be waiting at the top of the Empire State Building."
In Seasons 3 finale Blair has to decide meeting Chuck on Top of the Empire, where he is waiting with a bouquet and the biggest engagement ring ever. Nevertheless she never reaches the Empire, because Dorotha is getting her baby.
During that episode, the Empire is shown from many different spots all around Manhattan, since Blair drives around in her Limousine. I have not been on Top of the Empire, a Ride up costs 49$ and since we have been on the Top of the Rockefeller already, it felt a bit too expensive for a view only. Nevertheless you'll always spot Empire State building, even from Brooklyn through Manhattan Bridge on a sunny day.

The Humphrey Loft
"Dan: Did you come all the way to Brooklyn to yell at me? Because that's not necessary."
When you have never been to New York, you think that Brooklyn must be so far off from Upper East Side and Manhattan, especially if you have watched GG too much, as I did. Indeed the Humphrey Loft is located directly under Manhattan Bridge, which is just a stone's throw away from the Upper East Side.

"New York, I Love You XOXO" - Gossip Girl
* all quotes are taken from Gossip Girl by the CW and belong to their original owners

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