What to do on a long Flight?

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So... i'll be going to Gran Canaria this weekend and i always thought it was kind of a short flight, because we Germans use to tend to fly to Canary Islands, since it's the warmest spot in Europe you can reach, with a moderate flight time.
But now since i moved to Sweden, flight time has actually increased a lot, never thought it would take 6h !! to go to Gran Canaria.
So if you travel alone, flying can be super boring and already depressing you at the start of your journey. Believe me, if you are stuck for a long time only on your seat, no one to talk to and the only active moment you have is walking to the toilet, you feel pretty bad alone.
So i need to definitly come up with a lot of things, that i can do to make time go faster on the plane.
1) Eating - That's really my favourite and first point on the list. During travelling i eat mainly three times more than usual, out of boreness. Do you remember at school classtrips how much food you always take with you, and even if you do not share, most of it is already gone within the first two hours. So to have food for 6h is quite challenging, i mean it's masses i have to take on board, since nothing is for free on planes anymore
2) Music - Prepare a good playlist, i just got spotify premium for that reason. I need a lot of good music on the plane, already prepared
3) A GOOD Book - Take a really good exciting book with you, or even two. Sometimes you can get really into the book and time flies, but also sometimes i really do not want to read, so what to do instead?!
4) Watching other people - I mean if you have read hundreds of pages, listened to your playlist twice and all your food and snacks are gone, what else can you possibly do? So i start to watch and analyse all people around me. It's sometimes really funny how couples are getting stressed already at the start of their vacation, or at the end going home. Sometimes i got the chance to be with same people on a flight on return and it's amazing how relationships can change during holiday. Also i really love to guess what people are really doing in their life, their jobs, everything. Listening to other people's conversations can also be super fun, if you don't have anyone to talk to
5) Sleep - A lot of people sleep on flights, which would be an amazing alternative for me, if i actually could sleep on a plane, but i can't!
6) Watch a movie - unfortunately if you travel cheap, there is no entertainment program onbard, but if you take long distance flights with bigger airplanes, there is always a lovely selection of movies, that make time pass by so easily.

Of course there are some general tips when traveling by plane. Always take warm cloth, always wear super comfy cloth, i would love to wear a pyjama on a plane to be honest. The air conditioners on planes just spread a cold super easily, so i always have some throat candy with me, that keeps my airways save (tip from my grannie). Might sound uncool, but the older one gets, the more small the seats seam to appear. Especially the cheaper class tickets at back. So my legs get always stiff and my feet are swollen (i sound like an old women), but on this flight i will for first time try some compression socks, we'll see if that makes me feel better!
PS: I am actually never sitting at the window if possible, because i don't want to ask people getting up for me when going to toilet, or if you want to access your luggage. Also one can always stretch your legs in the aisle. 

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