Bali - Ubud Monkey Forest

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As almost everyone i have been visiting the Monkey Forest in Ubud as well. It is located in the south of Ubud close to one of the main roads, one really can't miss it. In the evening of my arrival we drove up there to Ubud and the monkeys were also running around on the steet, since it's not a fenced or closed area, but an open jungle with a temple inside. The entrance fee is around 3€, which is very cheap, so although i was not super excited i went. Cause you will always regret the things you did not see, even though they might not be as good as you thought.
So you enter the park and there are a lot of rules, that you should consider, like bringing no food and not wearing anything loose, like sunglasses or hats, since the monkeys are stealing it sometimes. To feed the monkeys, one has to buy a banana or fruit from a small hut in the park. Then you hold up the banana so the monkey will sit on yout shoulder, thats how all the photos are taken. haha
I might be a bit of a pussy, but i was scared of the monkeys, since there are also not many caretakers and even if a monkey would bite or attack you, they would not be fast enough to save you from damage. So generally i did only walk super slow, not trying to look the monkeys in the eyes, because they see this as a sign of aggression. The area is relatively small and built on a mountain. There is also one way down to a river, which is really nice (although the river is actually quite polluted and smelling)
There are also always a lot, lot of baby monkeys, which are super cute, but hard to get on pictures, also i did grab my phone so hard all the time, because i was scared of the monkeys stealing it.
Actually i don't have so much more to say, if you want further more nice reports, you surely will find a lot somewhere else as well. 
I hope you found this post not too boring, since i know everyone is writing about monkey forest, but i thought it would also be great to write a more authentic experience. If i would go to Bali again, there are many spots i would love to visit and see again, but monkey forest does not belong to it. If you do only go for a short time to Bali and you have to decide for either monkey forest or rice terraces, i would choose second.
If you like monkeys and are not scared to be scratched, then you will definitly love it and you should pay them a visit and feed them bananas, to take a typical Ubud Monkey Tourist Picture!

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