Bali - Elephant Safari Park

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Most common and popular Park is the Bali Marine and Safari Park in Gianyar, but i actually decided not to go there. I have always been to a lot of zoos and more touristic places and i really wanted to see Elephants in a more natural atmosphere. As i have never ridden an Elephant and that was really one to-do on my bucketlist, i decided to go to the Elephant Safari Park, which is lying north of Ubud in the Hills, a bit hidden and not so easy to find, if you are not local. 
So i took the scooter there, and as i have written before, the road was not ready built at that time. Maybe you are lucky and it will be finished. 
The Park is lying literally far off in the jungle, streetsigns advise you to be aware that elephants can be crossing the road! Unfortunately i couldn't take a picture of this, since i was driving! So sometimes it's good to have a second person with you. Anyway the park is a huge area, and there are a few lodges and nice bungalows build around, if you want to sleep and wake up next to the elephants.
Also there is a terrace with a restaurant directly next to the swimming pool of the elephants, so while eating some basic food, you can watch the elephants bath. To be honest the food is fairly expensive and not worth its price, i was a bit disappointed.
The entrance fee with ride on the elephant, including a show and feeding the elephants was around 75€
So in the park, there are only indonesian elephants that could not survive in their original spaces, and can also never return to wilderness, which is quite sad indeed. Also there was an elephant baby at that time (3years old), which was born in the park, but also can not be set free since those animals are really in need of family bounds. The whole ride takes a pretty long time through the whole park. I would guess it was around 40min in total, first through different jungle areas, then you will pass an open space where other Elephants are kept and at the end you will actually get to go in the swimming pool on top of the Elephant! They love to spill water, so prepare to get a bit wet. There is always also one guide standing close to the fences, who will take pictures of you all along the last part of the ride, so you will have fantastic memories. You will be seated on a wodden chair on the elephant (which is not as comfortable as it looks) the caretakers are always sitting on the elephants head and they are guiding the elephant. They do talk different languages sometimes and they take good care of the animals. Most of the elephants really need to be walked around all the time, although it is not so busy. They eat and drink amazingly much, i mean my elephant stopped once to release some water and it was a whole bathtub. Those animals are so fascinating and adorable, more people should care and get to know them.
After the ride i got to see the baby elephant and fed him with countless pieces of palm and he/she also gave me a hug with his trunk. I directly fell in love with him.
Then i saw the Park's show, where all the Elephants do different tricks and play with a football or draw for example, since they are quite clever animals, they learn a lot.
Saying this was the most amazing and exciting visit for me to get to know animals better. Also i have never been to any safari park before, but i am defintly planning to visit more!

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