Bali - Coffee Plantages

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what is better than a nice cup of coffee on a sunday morning? Thinking about coffee i just realised i haven't been writing yet about the coffee plantages on Bali, that i visited. After a while i sometimes realise how many things i actually did during my travels. Although it might be just small things, its still nice to keep track of everything and remember even after a long time!
So i'll try to keep this one short, since there are so many different plantages and they are all quite the same. Visiting coffee plantages is a short and cheap activity, that you can do while driving around Ubud or elsewhere on Bali. Almost on every street you will find signs: Try Kopi Luwak, which is the very famous coffee of Bali. This Coffee beans are eaten by a catlike animal called Asian Palm Civet and afterwards cleaned and roasted. The taste is very aromatic and less bitter, since it has been processed in the stomach of the animal already. You can always buy a cup of Luwak coffee in the plantages (prices variate between 60.000-80.000IDR,).
In the coffee plantages they also grow a lot of different fruits like papayas, mangosteen, bananas and many more. In some plantages you can find cocoa plants, which were super fun to see for me, since i am a dark addicted chocolate lover!

So i have been visiting 2 different plantages, that my driver showed me on the way. If you have a driver they are likely to suggest you places, where they know people, since they all help each other out to find costumers. The first coffee plantage i visited was south of Ubud, the very first day i arrived and it was a rather small one, with nice temples inside. I was guided by a young girl who explained all the different plants and processes of the Kopi Coffee to me and they offered me a trial of many different sweet teas. 
That day i denied coffee, since i had been up 32hours already during my travel time. The teas variate with different characters from ginger to flower and more fruity taste, but all they are very too sweet, i think. The second plantage i visited was more rural and very high up in the mountains close to Mount Batur. Here the plantage was much bigger and more open, with many different other plants to see, here i enjoyed my first cup of Luwak coffee and it was very delicious, although one first is a bit sceptic.
So if you are a coffee lover, you should definitly squeeze in an hour for a cup in one of the uncountable plantages.

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