Nusa Lembongan

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During my stay on Bali i quite spontaniously decided to go back from Gili Air to Nusa Lembongan one day before my flight, since my air bnb host also told me, that boats are not as reliable.
So i was supposed to leave Gili Air at around 10 and arrive at lunch 1pm on Nusa, but unfortunately due to bad weather conditions and the stucked boat on the beach, i finally made it to Nusa at 4pm.
I had actually planned to go arround to Dream beach at least and Devil's Tear, but did not make it in the end.

I had booked a hotel quite close to the harbour, it's really only a 5min walk maximum and called Bungalo No 7. The rooms are really nice and clean, the hotel offers also a pool, which is not really neccessary since it is located directly at the water as well. In the morning you can eat breakfast and have a look around the whole bay.
When i arrived the sun already started setting, so i spontaniously decided to do SUP Paddling, since the water really calmed down. The Bay at Nusa was also much more easy to paddle in, than the beaches at Gili Air. It was super fun to paddle along the sun set and definitly worth the 7€ for renting it.
In the evening i decided to go to a restaurant, but i didn't do so much research before i came to Nusa, since this was not planned. So i went up the main road from the harbour north and looked at different places and menus, since i really didn't want to eat Nasi Goreng again and felt for a Curry instead, i finally found a place that was kind of okay. Generally the whole island seemed to be pretty empty and all the shops and bars in the street were not so busy.
I was super exhausted after my very stressful journey from Gili Air and so i went to bed quite early, but got up early again as well. The next day the weather turned even worse. It was actually raining for the very first time in 2 weeks i've been there, which was a bit sad.
I had a basic breakfast (included in price) at the hotel terrace (since they have pancakes and fruit salad, i only could eat the small fruit salad because of my allergies), they do serve scrambled eggs though as well.
Anyway in the evening in my bed i finally had found some place i thought would be amazing to have breakfast at. Since i missed my morning smoothie bowls from Gili Bliss on Gili Air already, i decided to go to Bali Eco Deli and was not disappointed.
They do make a lot of nice raw cakes and fruit bowls, serve a really good coffee and make amazing salads. I could not order or eat more, which was quite sad since i was already full after my smoothie bowl, but it is definitly worth it. The café is also offering free drinking water if you have a reusable bottle and it takes back PET bottles to clean the island.

The place is consisting of one big straw Hut, but two smaller ones were to be built when i was there. Everything is made of wood and really authentic. I would definitly recommend this place again!
On my way back to the hotel i got my ass wet in the pouring rain, it did not stop for half an hour and i really needed to get back to catch my boat. Also i was already scared that the boats would not go at all, because of the weather and my plane was supposed to leave in 8h.
Luckily the sea was quite calm on that day, so everything went pretty well and i was way too early at the airport, but there are some super expensive shops one can get some snacks for the plane and spend your last IDRs.
Going to Nusa is definitly worth it, but better plan around 2 days or more in total, since the island has a lot to offer.

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