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After staying a week at the Amalfi Coast, i was heading for new shores to Sorrento. I expected it to be fairly small, but was suprised by it's size. I stayed only 1 Day, but you could definitly spend some more time here as well, while it is to be honest fairly expensive.

How to get here:
You can easily reach Sorrento by Train or with the local SITA busses, when coming from south. Also you can go by ferry and of course by car (getting a parking lot could cause some problems though)

Where to stay:
I have been doing research a lot in advance and literally all places were out of my budget. The cheapest i could find was Ulisse Deluxe Hostel, while i have to say Deluxe does not suit that well. I booked a night in a 6-female dorm, which had 2 bunk beds and 1 shared bed in the center. Actually this place is a 2 star Hotel, so they just put in additional beds in a 2 Bedroom. When i arrived, half of the beds were already occupied, so it was either the upper bunk bed without electricity to load the phone, or the double bed. While hoping no one would take the other half, i decided that charging my phone is more important. 
I didn't get much sleep that night of course, since the air climatisation was not strong enough for 6 people and my bed neighbour, coming in at 2am snored like a man. 
But on the positive side there is very friendly staff, the air and bathroom are modern and cleaned every day (like in a hotel)
A night here has the price of 36€ (breakfast buffet is 10€ extra) and getting no sleep is included as well.

What to do:
Beachin': In Sorrento there is no proper beach like you'd expect. Instead there are several big piers built in the bay, on which you can rent a parasol and sunchair. This will cost you around 13€ a day, but if you stay for a longer time in this town, you should probably let go for one day.

Gift Shopping: If you have not yet shopped any gifts during your trip in Italy, this is the place to be. There are hundreds of Gift shops in the small alleys, while the bigger main road offers more international brands. If you like to get a bit tipsy, you can test limoncello for free at almost every corner.

Bagni della Regina Giovanna: This natural bay lies a bit further outside, close to the sea, on the western side of sorrento. You can walk here or go with one of the local busses, which i would recommend on a hot day. From the bus stop it is still around 2km of walking, mainly through ancient ruins and vineyards. The path will lead you around the bay, that is closed by an arch to the open sea. There is unfortunately not much space and this natural swimming pool is very popular, so better be early if you'd like to spread your towel. 
This is one of the nicest places to swim around this area (apart from the bay in Furore of course)

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