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On your way around the Amalfi Coast you will not want to miss Praiano. On the day i visited, i was already quite exhausted from a week of running around and discovering, so i was happy to find out that Praiano has very beautiful Beaches.

How to get here:
You can easily get here with the SITA bus from either Amalfi or Sorrento. Otherwise you could take a boat or come by car, if you are roadtrippin'.

What to do:
Furore: One of the most amazing Bays can be found between Praiano and Amalfi. It's a small town called Furore, that is rather spread and does not have any real center. The real spot where everyone will be is though the small Bay, that is arched by a big bridge. I came here very early in the morning by Bus, the stop is directly on top.
To my great disappointment there were huge signs, that it is forbidden to enter. Luckily there were some local people getting off at the same time, that ignored the barriers and just went for it. Following their example, i found the most amazing Bay at the bottom of the cliff. Half of the Bay is currently really closed, because the cliffs around are unstable and parts might split off. Nevertheless the other half is very popular and lots of people jump off the cliffs, challenging each other in height and courage.  No surise that this Bay is also spot for an international competition, jumping from the bridge. 
In the morning, there will be no sun in the Bay, which is quite nice especially during August. Around 2pm the whole Bay will be covered in golden light and you can enjoy a dip in the turquoise water.

Marina di Praia: This is the most popular Beach in Praiano and therefore quite overloaded. I walked from Furore, not willing to spent some money on a Bus, and it looked like a short distance. But i would not do that again. 
If you are interested in Diving, there is a reliable Diving Center in this Bay as well. Also you can to SUP Paddling and rent a Kajak. Unfortunately the Beach is made of stones as well, so there are better spots to tan around the coast.

The two spots above are lying on the eastern side of Praiano. Driving through on my way to Sorrento, i had a glimpse on the Church and a fantastic view on the coast.

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