Rainbow Burger Buns

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#wheninRome, me and my friend visited this fantastic Burger Place called Flower Burger, nearby Vatican City. Honestly their Burger Buns are amazing, coloured in black, pink and blue, one really wants to try all of them. Also they have a huge variation of Burger patties, all plantbased of course.
So to have an amazing throwback to that one time, i decided to make my own Rainbow Burgers.
Well, the buns are the trickiest party and especially it's hard to get them fluffy, if you do neither use egg nor milk. Also i learned, that using spelt flour as a more heathy alternative, always makes the dough a big more dry and hard. Anyway i got inspired by some typical american recipes, tried to veganize them and the first time i actually forgot the yeast. Imagine me, waiting for around 4h and nothing happened to the dough. I thought it might be to cold, so i still put them in the oven and got rewarded with some little rocks. I hate food waste, but these i needed to toss away. The second time it went definitly more smooth, while my patience was gone, i did not let the dough rest long enough, but in the end they were quite ok. So bring a lot of time, if you want to make fluffy Burger Buns.

What you need:
TIME: 4h // TOOLS: Blender, Bowl
4dl Spelt Flour
1dl Soy Milk
1/4 dl neutral Oil
1 tsp Salt
1 Package dry active Yeast (14g)
Blue: Blue Spirulina powder
Pink: Redbeet Juice

In total the preparation will take around 4h. So if you like the Burgers for lunch, better get up early. While most of the time the dough is resting, you can prepare the patties and other treats.
Start with blending all dry ingredients (flour, yeast, salt) in a bowl.
If you colour all your buns the same, you can already add your colouring now. Since i wanted all different, i coloured them afterwards (see below)
Slowly add Oil and Milk, start working the dough. Very important when using spelt flour is to not overdo it.
Now cover the bowl with a plastic wrap. While the dough is resting, it's important that no humity passes out the bowl. You will see small water drops start to develop, when the fermenting process starts.

Place the bowl close to the heating or in a warm place and wait for 2h. The dough should have approximately the double size now.
Now seperate the dough for your buns and form Balls. By now it is not possible anymore to add the colouring within the bun, because kneading the dough now will make it hard and dry.
Instead mix the blue spirulina with a bit of plant milk and paint your bun from the outside. The Kurkuma needs to be dissolved in oil to develop it's full colour. The redbeet juice is easiest to apply.
Let the now coloured Balls rest in small bowls (closed by plastic film) for another hour.
You will see they still grow.
Put the Balls on a Baking Sheet and tap them carefully in the middle, to achieve a bun shape.
Paint them one more time, before putting them in the preheated oven (150°c)
Bake for 10min and paint again. Now add your sesame seeds.
Bake another 10min until they are crispy from the outside.
Let them cool down and TASTE THE RAINBOW
(the blue and red bun almost taste like normal bread, while the orange really has a kurkuma hint)

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