Buckwheat Bread & Beetroot

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Inspired by the amazing bread at Écru in Rome, a raw vegan bistro, i decided to try my own raw bread, just hoping it would turn out nice, which it did.
As a perfect topping for any Sandwich, everyone recommends Beetroot Hummus. I am no fan of either of these two, but i had some leftovers and gave it a try anyway. 
The below Sandwich is also topped with avocado, homegrown sprouts and vegan mayo. Another seaonal nice topping is pumpkin carpaccio.
For all people who hate baking, this recipe is great, since you do not need to bake at all. Another plus:this bread is vegan and glutenfree and full of healthy power ingredients.

Level: EASY
What you need:
TIME: 30min // TOOLS: Blender, Bowl, 10cm diameter Cup, 1 Glass
BREAD (glutenfree, 10 pieces)
1dl Chia Seeds
2dl Buckwheat Flour
1 dl Sunflower Seeds
1 dl Pumpkin Seeds
1 Tsp Herbes de Provence
1 Tbsp Olive Oil
1 dl Water
1 Beetroot (cooked&baked)
150g Chickpeas (canned&rinsed)
1 Tsp Tahini 

 1. Start with chopping your Sunflower & Pumpkin seeds into small bits with your Blender.
2. Put all DRY ingredients in a bowl and stirr well, before adding the Oil and Water.
3. Stirr the dough until it turns firm and can be kneaded by hand,without sticking to it (the chia seeds will soak in the water)
4. Spread a bit of buckwheat flour on a flat surface and roll out your dough with a help of a glass (if you do not have a rolling pin like me)
5. Roll out until it is 5mm thick and with your cup cut out round forms. 
6. Redo the process until you used up all dough 
7. Put your bread on a baking sheet and let dry for 2h in room, or 30min lowest temperature in the oven (turnover after half the time)
8. Store in a sealed box in the fridge for up to 7 days to keep moist and fresh
This is really super easy, just put all above mentioned ingredients in a Blender, mix and spread on your bread afterwards. Enjoy! 

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