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Naples or named Napoli by the Italians is rated as one of the most dangerous cities in Europe. Since the local Mafia Camorra is having very great influence, a lot of people might not see Naples as the place to go to for calm vacation in Italy.
The old town is rather poor and especially the area around central station Garibaldi is none i would describe as nice or worth a visit, whereas the newer parts of Naples have quite a lot of nice sights to offer. This city is split into 2, while sleeping in the old part, i spent my day in the new southeastern area.

How to get here:
The fast train takes you in around 1h from Roma Termini to Naples Central Station. A ride will cost you around 12€. If you come from the south,you can take a Train from Sorrento or one of the Ferries that leave from several places around Amalfi Coast. I came from Capri and took the fast Ferry, which brought me directly in the central Harbour of Naples. 

Where to stay:
I stayed in an Air BnB with a girl called Melania. Her appartment lies very central, close to the Train Station in the old parts of the town. I have to admit making my way there the first night from the harbour was quite a scary experience. I took some side streets and ended in really poor areas, where i had to take care no one would throw out rubbish from the windows. Thats how they get rid of their stuff apparently here. 
From the outside the place looks really old and shabby, but stepping into the apartment you will be suprised how nice and clean it is. 
Melania welcomes all her guest with homemade bruschetta and a glass of red wine, and explains the surroundings to you. She really loves her city and will provide you with several tour infos. I stayed in  the smallest room, which had amazing air condition and was very spacious. A night in that room was around 27€, which was quite a good deal.

 What to do
Galleria Umberto: This is one of the most famous shopping malls in Italy i guess, having the most amazing glass roof i have ever seen. Unfortunately there was a lot of renovation going on, while i visited, but it was still impressive. Around this area you will find a shopper's Paradise, especially the main road is covered with international Brands, where you an escape the city heat for a while and spend your pocket money.

Piazza del Plebiscito: Very close by is the biggest yard in the city, where you will face the Townhall to the right and the Royal Palace to the left. Both of them are really impressive in size and architecture. While the palace can be visited from the inside, the townhall is/was closed to public the day i went.

Royal Palace: As already mentioned, the royal Palace is probably worth a visit, but since i was quite on a low budget after 2 weeks, i decided not to have a tour. Nevertheless one can already see a lot from the inner yard, which is free for access.

Theatro San Carlo: I really wanted to visit this, but there are only special opening hours, since this is a working place and the tours are in Italian on that day, which put me off in the end.
Duomo di Santa Maria Assunta - Naples Cathedral is one of the most impressive and biggest churches i have ever seen. I would definitly put it on a same level with Notre Dame in Paris. In Italy people are quite religious, thence the churches are always the cleanest and prettiest buildings in the cities. Most of the churches as this one are free for entrance. Of course you might not spent long time here, but a glimpse of this dome will overwhelm you.

Where to eat:
Shanti Art Music Bar: Searching for a place to have proper healthy breakfast and not the oversweetened cakes and creams Italians usually serve, i found an hippie oasis in the area around the university (of course). This place offers a lot of raw and organic dishes, they do serve vegetarian and vegan as well. The place is decorated allover the top with elephant and indian motives, but it's just so cute, you have to stop by, place yourself on a pillow and sip an almond latte.

Antica Pizzeria da Michele: Naples is famous for Pizza and this place is the most popular in town. It started getting the real hype when Julia Roberts films here in EatPrayLove. If you have seen the movie, you'll probably know it's very hard and time consuming, to get a table here.
So here's how to get yourself the world's best Pizza (honestly it was really the best i ever ate)

1. There will be lots of people waiting outside, if you'd like a table, just get inside and get yourself a number. The guy is probably a bit stressed and unfriendly, but just insist on getting that little yellow sheet of paper with your queue number. Sometimes people even queue to get a number, so you see it's tough work.
2. If you like it for take-away, they will call you in once they have some spared time (almost never)
3. If you are finally inside you can inspect your surroundings for quite a long time. Just because you are inside now,  doesn't mean your Pizza appears at once. The walls are covered with pictures of the Family and Julia Roberts, in the background they are running an endless pizza-making marathon.
4. Order your Pizza (there are only 2 sorts, Magarita and Marinada, with or without cheese, in 3 different sizes)
5. When your Pizza is finally served (i waited 2h in total) it really has to be worth it. The dough of the Pizza is not comparable to anything i have ever eaten before, since its fluffy and crispy at the same time.

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