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One of my personal Highlights during this trip was to visit the Island of Capri. My old boss used to go there every year and now i got to know why. It seems that mainly upper class people come here.
Staying a night would have been not affordable at all for me, and even the coffe is more fancy than elsewhere.
Capri has two small Towns, called Capri and Anacapri, the second is lying much higher in the mountains and offering lots more. So i would recommend you to start in Capri and spend the most of your time higher up.

How to get here:
Capri can be visited by Boat and Ferry, if you'd like to bring your car from Sorrento and Naples. Also you can do a lot of small tours from the Amalfi Coast with smaller operators. 

What to do:
Shopping for Lables: In Capri all big luxury Brands have their exclusive shops. Wether it's Gucci, Prada or Chanel, you can spend all the money you have on this island.

Monte Solaro: You can take a ride on the chair lift, which looks a bit scary at first, but it is still quite safe. The ride up to the highest point of the Island will take around 15min. A Roundtrip will cost you 12€. On the platform you will have a nice view on the two very famous Faraglioni Rocks, if the view is clear. Since it was quite hot on the day i visited, there was so much vapour, you literally could not see anything, since new clouds steadily rose.

Gardens of Augustus: a fairly high point in Capri are the Gardens of Augustus. This nice small park will cost 1€ fee entrance and you will see the same above rock formation just from the other side. On the way there you will pass the Saint James Charterhouse, where different pieces of Art are displayed.

Villa San Michele: The house of the swedish author Axel Mynthe offers a big variation of arts and interesting parts of his studies. While the inner part mainly shows an ancient kitchen, furnitures and sculptures, the garden displays many different medical plants and a bird house. At the end of the garden you will find the small chapell, that offers an amazing view over capri and its harbour. The Entrance fee is 8€.

Where to eat:
This place is quite touristy and there are huge offers of international fast food, but also local sea food. I have not eaten at any good place in Capri, but i had one of the best Latte Machiattos in a café close to the Harbour called Caffé Augusto. Here many people have their tiny cups at the counter in italian way. (a latte was 4€ which was the most expensive cup i had in italy)

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