The shared Bathroom

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As already said, i was quite late in booking, so i took what i could get. The air bnb of Patrick and Ralf had not so many feedbacks, but the few they had were good.
The Bungalow is located quite central in Maspalomas on Méloneras side, very close to the Shopping Mall Faro 2 and the botanical garden. The bus stops are really close and a supermarket can be found only 5min walk away. If you would like to go the beach it actually takes a bit longer (around 20min walk) past by the huge golf area.
Lying in a very calm area, with a lot of small houses around, this part of Maspalomas feels less charter-all-inclusive, which is indeed really nice.
On my first evening i had some difficulties to find the place, but i called Patrick and he found me quite fast. He showed me around in their quite small home, which has access to a pool as well.
The house consists of a small very cute kitchen combined with living room, several sleeping rooms and one bathrom, which unfortunately can't even be locked.
Of course i had read about the shared bathroom before, but forgot it until i came there. Also it was quite irritating for me, that this was the only room in the house that could not be locked.
Anyway i did not know that there were other guests to be coming as well, so first night it was totally fine, although i never spent more than 5min in there.
The second day, two older men over 40 arrived and took the rooms next to me. The rooms are small, but they offer everything you need, still i would not want to stay longer than a week here.
If you live with other guests, you really need to take more care. The unspoken rule of the bathroom became: door open, no one is in - door closed, pls do not enter. Still it feels quite uncomfy to take a shower, knowing there are only old man around -I have never showered that fast. Also the men did not seem to care as i did, so they tend to let the door open while they peed. Not so fun.
The first night this was really driving me crazy and i did not want to leave my room, to be honest, but then i realised we had totally different day schedules. While i was doing a lot during the day, coming back at around 9pm, they were leaving to party around that time. Perfect time for my shower!
Also in the mornings, they were still deeply asleep, snoring insanely loud, which left the kitchen for myself to have a calm breakfast. Ralf and Patricks host does not include breakfast, but they always offer you free drinking water and you are free to use their kitchen and fridge. Also food is fairly cheap around there, so you might not need to cook at all.
Another inhabitant of this place is their very cute dog Isabelle, who always wants to play with you. Sometimes when i got up in the morning, she already stood in front of my door with her innoncent look and her ball in her mouth. She is really the nicest dog i have ever met, and i am quite scared of them actually.
After all i can say that this AirBnB experience was something totally new for me, but really valuable. Looking at it now, i would definitly go there again, since now i can only laugh about my uncomfort. Ralf and Patrick are both really nice hosts and willing to help you with anything. Especially Patrick is such a sweetheart and a very patient person, i could learn a lot from him.
Since they are moving to a new place, they will have a new accomodation, which will then have spared bathrooms for almost every room. Of course, this will be a bit more expensive, but still far cheaper than anything the hotels offer and it is way more authentic! (The price for the room was 47€ a night, which is indeed fairly expensive for what you get, but you are in the most popular spot on Gran Canaria - Maspalomas)

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