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First impression...Maspalomas is huge! I printed some maps before i went there, to be sure where to find everything, but then it's even with a map quite complicated to walk around. Not enough, the whole city is built around the mountains, so even if a distance looks short it can be quite exhausting to walk.
There are mainly two sides which are Las Meloneras on the western side and Playa del Inglés on the eastern side. 
I arrived in Maspalomas in the very evening, but i observed everything in the bus driving around the city. The streets are not built in a logical way, a lot of them are only one way and i directly got the impression of driving in a lot of circles when the bus was dropping off people at their different hotels, not only because they built roundabouts instead of crossing lights. So maybe after 3 or 4 rounds, it was finally my drop off point, I directly thought i would never get around here.
All streets are named after big traveling companies and sometimes streets are only built because of a specific hotel, added to the city.
Anyway i lived on the western side, which is more calm and less touristy. There are a lot of Bungalows in this area and not the high rise complexes like in the east.
If you do not walk a lot, you can take a lot of different local busses that drive around Maspalomas and Playa del Inglés every 10-20min during the day.
Maspalomas is known for it's attractive nightlife and generally very gay friendly bars. As i do not go out partying during my vacays, i don't have anything to tell about that, but i am sure it is a lot of fun!
Well, there are a lot of activities during the day, one can do in Maspalomas. First and biggest attraction are the dunes of course (read more), then there is the Faro de Maspalomas, the canal, and endless beaches. There are two promenades, one close to Faro and one at Playa del Inglés, where you can shop souvenirs or eat in one of the tiny numerous restaurants.
Another really nice place to see is the Charca de Maspalomas, a small natural lake between the dunes and the beach.
If you like golf, there is a huge field in the middle of Maspalomas. I have never seen such a big field. I guess a lot of People just travel here for golfing their time away.
Of course you can book a diving trip, one can do riding in the mountains and go windsurfing. In the evening you can go to the Moonlight Cinema which is showing new movies, 2 each day after sunset. You can seat yourself on a Sofa and order pizza while watching the newest Blockbusters. Find the weekly programm on their website.
Maspalomas is consisting as many of the canary Island cities of a lot of hotels, pools and restaurants. Many people do their charter all-inclusive vacay here, you will meet mainly german and swedish retirees. They sometimes stay for months!
So if you are a more active person and do not want to tan on the beach or read by the pool each day, you should take a bus or rent a car to explore the mountains and surroundings along the coast, which have a lot to offer as well!

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