Puerto De Mogán

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This place is absolutely the nicest place i have seen on the Canary Islands and will probably always stay my favourite.
Puerto de Mogan is a very small town, built in a slope with access to a sandy bay and a very small harbour. You can easily come here by bus from Maspalomas, which takes around 40min. You can spend an entire day in this village, although it is quite small. The first bus in the morning leaves around 9 and is always very popular. The last bus back to Maspalomas is leaving at 5 in Puerto, since it only goes every hour, i would recommend to take the one at 4 already. If the bus is full, they will not take you, since you are not allowed to stand up. They are always very busy so better be early at the stop, since people already queue even before the bus is there. Also it is a lot of german retirees, that are actually very much on time.
The bus stop is located approximately 5min walk from the very center and beach of Puerto. First you can get yourself some refreshing drinks or sparkly water in the Spar Supermarket on the way, maybe some nice Sandwich (as i was on very low Budget) and then head to the beach.
Here you can walk to the lefthand side around the whole bay and along a rocky peer, where the wind will wake you up, if you are not already.
In one of the caffés around the bay, you can have a nice lunch or icecream and relax during the hot hours around 11am-1pm. There are so many different tastes, that you will of course find something you'll like. After that i would recommend you to walk around the whole bay to the righthand side, across the river bridges and enter the harbour quarter. You can walk around the harbour and inspect the small very beautiful boats. I sat down there on the harbour wall and had my very nice Sandwich, always taking care that no pigeon comes to close. Bringing my book was also a fantastic idea, since one can not walk around a lot.
The main attraction in this cute place are the small alleys with art galleries and craft shops around the harbour. You can stroll in here and admire the huge hanging flowers on the torches, i am sure you have already seen a lot of pictures.
Also one can access a nice platform up in the mountains, with a bit of effort, from where you can see over the whole village.
Puerto de Mogan is by far one of the cutest spanish villages, i have seen so far and mind blowing. It is also a welcoming difference to the huge touristy cities of Maspalomas and Las Palmas. Here you will see no high-rise hotels at all, just small little appartments nestling along the mountains.

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