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Since most people go for a beachy vacay to the Canary Islands, the beaches are always very busy. You will probably not find any calm beach close to the hotspots and also in between it's quite hard to access a bay, since the Island is very rocky.
Here is to the most popular beaches around Grand Canaria.

Playa las Canteras/Las Palmas
This beach is by far the longest and most busy one. Since Las Palmas is actually a proper City and not only consisting of hotels, a lot of locals will be at the beach as well. The beach is surrounded by the most culinary promenade with really nice small souvenir and clothing shops, probably not the cheapest, but very nice to spend your time.
The northern part/bay of the beach is also surrounded by some sea walls, that break the waves, before they reach the shore. Here you can also do SUP Paddling and a lot of Fishers have their boats located there. You have also a fantastic view on La Isleta from here, even better if you go around the cliffs in the North, which is a really nice walk as well.

Playa del Inglés/Playa de Maspalomas
These beaches are by far the most touristy ones around Maspalomas. There are offered sunseats and parasols for a cheap price and a whole relaxing day at the beach. Worth to mention, it was extremely windy when i was there, so it feels way colder than it looks. Between those beaches there is a naked zone and if you walk around the southern peak of the dunes, there you will find a more private spot to tan.
Nevertheless the beaches were not as crowded as elsewhere. Your towel neighbours will not lie close enough to see, that you did not freshly shave your legs. Also the very northern end of Playa del Inglés (see photo above) is usually quite calm and empty.

Playa Meloneras
This beach is lying more west and less busy than both above. Still quite touristy and relatively small. From here you can see the Light House very well and easy acess one of the beach bars and restaurants around there. The waves also seem to be much higher here, in comparison to Playa del Inglés. Still the water is quite cold around spring, so i didn't go in for a swim.

Playa Puerto de Mogan
In the center of the small harbour town there is a cute tiny bay with a propped beach. Around the beach there is a really nice promenade with fancy coffe places and restaurants. Since this beach is more or less protected by walls to the open sea around the bay, there are no high waves and one can enter the water very easily and relaxed.

If you go to Canary Islands, you already know what to expect. Since this place is less for adventurous and more for a relaxing/doing nothing vacation, you have to bronze with other charter tourists.

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