Las Dunas de Maspalomas

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Maspalomas has a lot to offer, from a buzzing nightlife to endless beaches and numerous shopping malls, but the biggest and obviously most beautiful attraction are the dunes located south east of the city.
There are several ways to access the dunes and they appear different from each angle and in every hour of the day. Short version: i could not get enough of them!
The first day of my vacation i got up very early, went south from my air bnb and entered the dunes from the western side. Here you have to walk a few miles through a natural reserve until you finally reach the real white sandy dunes.
Once you are there, you will not see any plants or greens anymore, just endless hills of sand. I have never been to the desert, although that's on my to- do-list, but these dunes give a very good impression, i guess. I reached them quite late, since i miscalculated distances, so there were already a few people and always someone in the way for my pictures.
The dunes are lying directly beside the ocean, so one always feels a cooling sea breeze while hiking up the sandy hills. That's actually quite dangerous. Of course i burned myself directly, since i totally lost track of time. I could just sit and observe my surroundings for ages. But be careful when entering a slope, you might be suprised what you find.
A lot of people are bathing naked here and once in a while it can happen that some man springs out behind a bush presenting his best piece and waving at you. Honestly, i have no words for that.
Anyway, might be better to not enter the dunes at night though.
Nevertheless, watching the sun go down over the dunes is a fantastic experience. Best you can do that from the platform located behind a Hotel in  the east. Here you can sit on some stairs and see how the sun colours the sandy mountains in a light pink, before finally going down. It took ages actually until it finally happened, and then it was looking incredible for a very short moment, but it is worth waiting for. Take a cheap bottle of wine with you and some crackers and i am sure you will love it as much as i did.
Just 2 tips, if you go in the dunes: Take a lot of water and do not go barefeet, the sand is super hot! Otherwise the dunes are a must-see and one can walk through several times, they will never get boring.
You can also do camel riding (actually it's dromedaries) for 12€ per ride (30min), the stable is located in the west close to Faro de Maspalomas. I did not try it, since i did not have time for it in the end, one has to prioritize a bit in 6 days.

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