Gran Canaria - Booking

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Well, let's start with the very basic info about my trip to Gran Canaria

Budget: 656€ (190€ Flights; 280€ Air BnB; 16€ Airport shuttle; 170€ Activities, Food and Transport)
Duration: 6 Days (6Nights)
Travel Time: Middle of February, spring starts earlier here and Grand Canaria is famous for its blooming almond-trees

So i booked this vacation quite spontaniously (for me 2 month ahead), because i realised that i had to use up my vacation days, since i am not allowed in my first year of employment, to roll them over to next year (which was originally my plan). Well i had only 8 days left and swedish winters are so tough, i never thought it would be this dark and cold and also never ending, kind of.
So i decided that i would need a lot of sun soon and i would have preferred to travel to the caribbean end of january, since that's a good time, but with only 8 days it does not really make sense to go. It takes a whole day to go there and back and the flights are really expensive comparing to the duration of your stay. So anyway i planned my super sunny vacay in carribean end of this year instead.
If you need a short term vacation, with an ok flight time and sunny weather, the canary islands are definitly a good decision. I have been to almost all of them before, but not to Gran Canaria. Also Gran Canaria is one of the islands, that has most to offer. Fuerteventura for instance is just consisting of Hotelcities, to be honest.
Since i was quite late, it was also super difficult to find an accomodation. Most of them had been booked one week before, also the best flight times were already gone. If i had been earlier, i could have saved surely a bit on the AirBnB. Anyway the AirBnB is located in Maspalomas, a really popular area on Gran Canaria. This time i booked flights and accomodation directly after each other, since i am so "lastminute".
I could have taken longer off, but my budget is already split for other vacations this year, so my focus is to get a cheap vacation with as much activities and fun as possible. I booked two dives with Zeus Dive Center in Playa del Inglés as well (always contact the Dive school before you go there, that makes it super easy, since they also have planned dives and times)
Booking this one was quite stressful, because in the end i had to take what i could get. If you are more in time the offers are bigger and cheaper, especially everyone wants to leave the cold for an escape around february.

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