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Vacation is about feeling well and treating yourself, doing good to your body and your mind and forget all stress of your everyday life. So when i went to Bali i heard about these amazing massages and spa treatments, manicures and beauty masks for super low prices, so i definitly considered booking a spa day or two for me.
When it comes to manicure, i would never recommend to do that in a humid climate like on Bali. The nail polish is not really drying and often very old, so i only heard of bad experience from people. Although it's cheap, you can spend your money better on something else.
Bali Botanica Spa - Ubud
But then let's talk about the best Spa Place in Bali, it's more an insider tip, but really becoming popular, so one needs to book a treatment in advance. I came across it on Instagram from a Blogger and thought this looks super expensive and luxurious, but was really curious, so i did a closer research.
This Spa is located a bit outside of Ubud, approximately a 10min drive with a scooter. So you take the road out of Ubud to the west, past the river and just drive up the mountains, until you will see the sign to your left. In a back yard, there is a small paradise, built on a slope directly in the rain forest.
Every room has an open window facing the palms and tropical hills and you can hear the birds singing. There is a river running somewhere, so it is the most peaceful atmosphere, one can possibly imagine.
I went twice since there where 2 treatments i really wanted to do, and one really can't say no to that price (see below)

Mandi Rempah - Spice Bath
Full body - 1 hour and 50 minutes
A 65 minutes of relaxing massage to enhance blood circulation, followed by a spice exfoliation and a warm, soothing bath of herbs and spices.

Mandi Kopi – Coffee Bath
Full body - 1 hour and 50 minutes
The treatment includes a 65 minutes relaxing massage, followed by a mixed of coffee and rice powder scrub. Fresh papaya will be applied to moisture your skin then a bath of fragrant blossoms to end the session.

The price for one of these sessions is 230.000IDR (approx. 16€!!!)

You take off your shoes and you will be welcomed by sweetest girls, that will explain the treatment to you and ask if you have special wishes. You can also highlight, if you would like a specific part of your body to be more or not treated. They do not all understand english that well, but the women at the reception will be happy to translate. You will be taken through the Spa across nice gardens with fountains to the lower level, where the baths rooms are lying. Each room is equipped with nice wooden interior, scenting candles give you the right atmosphere.
I got a really nice massage, that I never wanted to end. Both of the body scrubs very really nice, while the spicy one was more hot and relaxing, the papaya one was more cooling and moisturing, exactly as in description. Finally you will get served fresh ginger tea and you can relax in the hot water, while swinging life away in the jungle. 

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