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One of the most fantastic views on Bali are offered by the rice terraces and each has its own characteristics. I have never been to any rice fields before i went to Bali. I actually did not know for sure how rice grows or how the actual plant looks like and to be honest, i still do not know exactly how the terraces are working.
There are so many different types of rice and let alone on Bali they grow so many different ones. They grow mostly yellow, red and white rice, i can only name the colours, since there might be so many different names for the types in each colour. Since i ate so much Nasi Goreng, i hopefully tried most of them. Even the rice tastes better and more spicy on Bali.
I have been to the two biggest and most famous rice terraces and i would never compare them to each other, because they are each a beauty of their own.

On my first day in Ubud, i strolled around and i had a very small map, that showed me the Ubud Rice fields. There are several ways, to go around them, i think i took the big round, although i am not sure, since i got lost on my way several times. There are 2 or 3 small ways coming from Ubud central road up in the terraces, which one you take does not matter i would say. It takes a while until you finally are really in the fields, but then you can enjoy an amazing view and total calmness. The Ubud rice fields are  really big terraces, with only a few steps. I would guess there are around 3-4 Levels and in between the fields you can very often see private villas and farms, such as Sari Organik, which is lying in the western part of the fields. After a long walk, you should definitly get a refreshment there.
Although it is quite windy, the sun is shining the whole time and the rice terraces don't offer any shadows, so better take care of your skin. I totally lost time and any feeling for heat, while dreaming and wandering around, so of course i got the worst sunburn ever. Also take a lot of water with you, since you can easily walk around for two hours or more (especially if you don't find the way back)
I have been walking north for half an hour or longer and suddenly the way stopped or at least i did not see where it continueds. To actually get around the rice field, one has to walk on a stone wall next to a cliff, which is stirring the water from one rice field to another.
It might have been less tourists in Bali during my travel time anyway, but during my strolls in these rice fields I barely met anyone, except for the people working or living there. I am still amazed, how they are able to actually do physically hard work in this climate! After 2h of walking i felt so exhausted, that i needed to relax the rest of the day.
Ubud Rice Fields
The far more famous Rice Terrace is located north of Ubud in Tegalalang. This Rice Terrace has a totally different character. There are uncountable different levels and this one is built between several mountains. If you want to walk in here, you better take your trekking shoes with you. I have not been walking all around this one, it looks way smaller than it actually is. You can only see parts of it from the main road it is closing to. So if you have time and power and will, you should definitly cross the terrace and have a look from the other side.
There is one way down from the street to enter the Rice Terrace and the trekking path. It goes down hundreds of stairs and after those you already feel sweaty and tired, but then you have to walk up the other mountain on the opposite, to get a super nice view. The paths are not really safe, so always make sure to get hold of something and take care where you step, otherwise you might land in a rice pool. So if you got up the opposite mountain of the main road, you will find another track, that you only can enter by paying a small fee to the local workers. They use this money to repair and take care of the road and you can give as much or less you want to, but they really appreciate it.
They have a bar up there and offer fresh coconut and juices. You can then continue walking around the terrace in long curves. I would recommend you to go very early in the morning, since as soon as the sun rises, you do not want to move anymore. In these hills the air is super humid and just standing, so even not moving will make an effort.
As said i have not been walking around the terraces, but down the one side and up the other side, continuing a bit around the hills. After that i took a refreshing drink in a restaurant close to the road, there a quite a few with nice pavillons build on the slope, with a fantastic view over the rice fields.
And it is indeed super nice if you have already done your walk and you see the people getting up too late and getting super exhausted in the sun, while you are sipping on an icecold fresh pressed juice in the shadow.
Tegalalang Rice Terraces

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