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If you're going to San Francisco, be sure to bring suncream, even in November.
Last year i visited my lovely friend Lorna, new resident in San Fran. I've been before as a kid with my parents around the age of 14, but couldn't remember anything.
San Francisco is actually quite a small place to visit, I only stayed for 5 Days, which were filled with loads of tourist attractions.

How to get there
Flights can be really cheap nowadays, even though we are talking about 12h from central europe (germany). For around 300€ return, i got flights from Stockholm to Munich and San Francisco with Lufthansa.
The international airport in San Francisco SFO is located around 30min car-ride south of the city center. The most convenient transport is actually UBER, but you can of course also take public transport towards the city.

How to get around
Usually i love to explore a place while walking around town, but in this city, that is actually quite a tough thing to do. As you may be aware, the town is build in valleys slopes, or mountains, walking takes therefore 5 times more effort.
You can take the tube for traveling the eastern side of town. Comparing several undergrounds in Big cities, even being in Paris, this is by far the worst tube i have ever been on. The bus connections above ground are fine, but it is a bit tricky to figure out which bus to take. Most convenient again is uber, but there is also a cheaper, more fun option. Now it seems to invade all big cities around the world, but last year the skip scooters have been such a sensation to me. Of course it can get a bit tricky on steep streets, but otherwise it's such a great way to explore San Francisco.

What to do

Golden Gate Bridge
There is several amazing spots, to catch a glimpse of the famous red bridge. In the morning, there is usually a lot of dust around town, especially since there have been the big wood fires around california during my stay. You can get a beautiful view on the bridge from Baker Beach, where you also will be able to spot whales. To cross the bridge, it is really nice taking a scooter or walk on the other side by Crissy Fields. To experience the full thing, I would recommend to get to the bridge in later afternoon, when the sun starts to set. Walk over and watch the city lightening up towards the dark sky.

Cable Car Ride
Well of course you should not miss out on this major tourist attraction, when you are here. The cable car ride is extremly popular and I would recommend to ride both directions. There are 2 lines, both starting in Market Street, but ending in different points on the coast. I would recommend the line towards Fisherman's Wharf and back. In order to get a good spot on the cable car, it is very wise to walk a bit and not take the very first stop, because there will be massive queues. If you take the second or third stop, the chance to get standing up and hanging like in the "Full House" intro, is way higher.

Fisherman's Wharf/Pier 39
At fisherman's wharf you can eat amazing fish and chips, stroll around and visit local flea markets and visit the very famous Musée Mechanique. Although the entrance is free, be sure to loose some money. In this very old space, you can find almost any gaming machine there ever was. From the original flipper to more modern racing machines, every gamer's heart will skip a beat.

From Fisherman's wharf you can take a scooter or walk towards Pier 39, where you will be greeted by countless sea lions, bathing in the californian sun. 

Painted Ladies
Just mentioned the very famous TV show full house, so if you are a kid from the 90s, I hope you have seen the amazing show with Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. The original house has actually been removed, but still you shouldn't miss out the scenic view from the park opposite.

Roller Disco Church of 8 Wheels
On a Friday night this is the place to be. To 90s music, you can spin in the church of 8 wheels, which has a wooden plank floor for a great skating time. As this is actual an old church, the acoustic and atmosphere is amazing. Watch the local pros spinning to saturday night fever and grab your friends for a round.

Museum of Icecream
This museum is a great place to be, no matter of age. First a temporary exhibition, this became so popular, that now you can visit sweet wonderland all the time. Be sure to reserve a ticket and come with an empty stomach, because you'll get a lot of candy, sprinkles and of course icecream. This is a spot where you and your friends go, to take that special insta moment, whether it is in the sprinkle pool, the pink djungle or in the middle of a thousand yellow bananas. Be sure to check it out. 

If you like to practice yoga and would like to squeeze in a session during your stay in san francisco i can heartly recommend 2 places i have been to. Yoga to the people is a donation based space which offers classes on the upper floor of an old building, with a beautiful view on a cloudless day. The space is huge and filling up quickly, so be sure to come early. You pay as much as you wish when you come and don't need to reserve a spot. Another great yoga studio is Yoga Tree Valencia, where a friend of a friend teaches classes. This is actually the first professional Yoga Studio I have ever been to, so the experiene of a 2h Vinyasa Class has opened a whole new world to me. Here you need to book in advance and classes can be quite pricy, but they are worth every penny. 

Where to eat
San Francisco is by far the most advanced place i have ever been, regarding food options for different intolerances or preferences. The best acai bowl with extra californian almond butter can be found a t project juice. They source everything local and have a broad offer of healthy juices and also salads.
If you like mexican, try Gracias Madre. Anyhow the best place to eat, even if you are not vegan is Shizen near Valencia Street. Be sure to be very early, as you need to queue already when the place opens. Otherwise you need to make a reservation. There are endless dishes and variations to try, so during my short stay, we still went twice as it was so unbelievable delicious.

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