Pumpkin Soup

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Most about different Seasons i like the change of fruit and vegetables. Especially autumn has so many nice veggies to offer, i can hardly choose between mushrooms, chestnuts, so many types of pumpkins and roots. 
To finally start into the most colourful season in Sweden, i decided to start with an easy Pumpkin soup, since i have not yet made so great experience with chestnuts.

Level: EASY
What you need:
Time: 2h // Tools: Hand-Blender
1 kg Hokkaido Pumpkin
2x2cm slice Ginger
1 piece vegetable stew
400ml Coconut Milk Light
3dl water
(served with garlic-oil roasted spinach)

1. Wash your pumpkin and remove the top and bottom.
2. Cut your pumpkin including skin/seeds into squares
3. Add your pumpkin pieces andthe ginger with water and vegetable stew in a pot and cook until the pumpkin is soft and falls apart. Let cool down.
4. Use your handblender and blend all ingredients in the pot. Add on Coconut Milk and a pinch of Salt if neccessary.
5. Let the soup rest. It tastes best the next day, when all the ginger has settled. 

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