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Gosh, how excited i was to visit this place. On the second day, i went to finally see Positano, the place every it-girl goes to. Although having seen it on countless pictures, the actual view just took my breath. 
Of all places at the Amalfi Coast, this one was my very favourite. If you walk up the city to the top, you will have the most stunning view, facing cute colourful houses snuggling onto the mountains and the sea always close by. 
To find one suitable word is hard, POSH would fit, but in a good kind of way.

Where to stay:
Checking air bnbs and hotels, i could unfortunately not find anything in my price range. Staying in Positano would mean at least 80€ per night, if you are lucky and book early. If you are on a low budget, i would recommend you to stay elsewhere close and visit Positano for one day.

How to get here:
The nicest, but most expensive way is to come here by ferry. You get a beautiful view on the coast and get the best first peak of the city. I took the ferry from Salerno, which is 12€ one way. 
Otherwise you can always use the local SITA busses, from any town at the coast.

What to do:
Walk around! There are thousand of steps and along the tiny roads, there will be endless possibilities to shop whatever you wish for.
Beachin': There is only a small area, that is free of charge in the Bay. Otherwise you need to rent a Sunbed and a Parasol, if you wish to be in the sandy area. 
Enjoy the view! Thats basically what i did all day long. I could just look at the town from all different angles, it will appear different and more overwhelming to you all the time.

Where to eat:
Casa e Bottega: This restaurant lies on the main road on the eastern side of the town. The place offers a lot of healthy and fresh dishes, a suprising difference to the typical italian pastas and pizzas.
You can sip a fresh smoothie and inspire the nice interior of this place. The area is decorated mainly in light colours and parts of the shop is an exhibition to ceramics and local arts. 
I can definitly recommend the raw/vegan dish with avocado cream cucumber rolls.

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