Unicorn Icecream

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Well what's all the fuss about Unicorns? I totally didn't get it until it came to be a new trend for food colouring, something that is actually fun and useful. Honestly no one needs unicorn toilet paper, but everyone will love this unicorn (poop) icecream or?
BIG THANKS to Rawnice, who made this dream come true. I recently won (for the first time in my life something) a megabundle including spirulina, dragonfruit and butterfly pea powder. Their stuff is amazing, let the colour games begin!
BTW if you have never opened a coconut before, watch some youtube tutorial and get the right tools, then it's done within a few minutes. 
Level: EASY
What you need:
1 Coconut
3 frozen Bananas
100g Soyjoghurt
1Tbsp Lemon Juice
1 Tsp Blue Spirulina
3Tbsp Pink Pitaya Powder
(2Tangetes Flowers, optional)
Pastry Bag
Add your joghurt and lemon juice (it prevents the Bananas from turning brown) and a few pieces of frozen Banana in your Blender. Before you freeze your Bananas, always let them ripe completely and cut them in small pieces max 3cm slices. This makes it much easier for the machine. 
Add on until you get an icecream like texture. Take out approx 1/3 of the mass and blend in a seperate bowl with your pink pitaya powder. 
Add your blue spirulina in the blender and blend until it turns smurf blue. 
You need to freeze the cream before serving, so the colour also spreads more evenly and the texture gets like proper icecream.
Take 2 empty ice cream boxes (they are the best, because they prevent ice crystals mainly) and put in the freezer. Every hour remove the cream and stirr well, to avoid getting an ice block.
When you achieve the perfect sorbet structure, open your coconut and by using a pastry bag add the creams into your bowls. Start with blue in both bowls and add the pink, while there are still rests of blue in the bag, then you get a nice flow. Decorate with Tagetes and start believing, that

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