Double Dark Chocolate Bowl

by - 20:01

If you have a bad day or just want to start your day right, here's a perfect bowl to make you HAPPY.
Anyway it's quite heavy and maybe not the healthiest thing to start your day with, but sometimes you need to treat yourself.
Level: Easy
What you need:
5 Dates
1,5 Bananas
3 Tbsp Cocoa Powder
100ml Soy Joghurt
1 Tbsp Lemon Juice
Almond Butter(optional)
1 piece melted dark chocolate
1Tsp Coconut Oil
a bit of any milk
Coconut Flakes
1 piece hacked dark chocolate
Blend your dates with Joghurt and Lemon Juice in a blender. Add the bananas and blend further. At the end, add your cocoa powder, but make sure to stir it in with a spoon first, otherwise most will end up elsewhere. Fill you smoothie in a bowl. The smoothie will have a more firm consistence as other ones.
For the topping i melted a piece of dark chocolate with coconut oil. Spread half of the liquid on half of your bowl. The edge will of course not look nice, so you can hide it under your coconut flakes and chocolate chips.
To draw flowers into the chocolate, drop small dots of milk into the liquid chocolate side. With help of a toothstick you now add a chocolate dot in the middle of white dot. Then pull the dark chocolate to the dark center and create leaves of flowers. It takes a bit of exercise, but can be used for any other liquid smoothie as well. Enjoy!

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