Orange Sweet Potato Bowl

by - 10:29

So while searching around town for some orange flower, i bumped into Tagetes, which is  a very bright coloured slightly lemon tasted sort. You can serve it with salad or dessert, or with an orange sweet potato smoothie bowl.
This bowl is quite saturating/heavy bowl due to the potato. So better be hungry.
Level: EASY
What you need:
1/2 middle size Sweet Potato
1 Banana
200ml Coconut Milk (light)
1 tbsp Maple Sirup
1 tbsp Lemon Juice
Tagetes Flowers
1/4 Apple
Coconut Milk
First of all you cook your sweet potato until it almost falls apart. You can do this in the evening before and store in fridge, since it takes a long time for them to get fully cooked.
Put the coconut milk into your blender. If it has seperated fat and water, make sure to stirr it until smooth. Add lemon juice and maple sirup and mix. Put a tablespoon seperate of the mixture for decoration afterwards.
Add your banana and sweet potato purree and a bit of cinnamon. Blend well until creamy. Fill in your bowl and decorate. (i know my skills for heartrows can improve, but it's my first try)
This bowl is not as sweet as many other bowls, if you like it more sweet you can add more maple sirup.

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