City that never sleeps...

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Like all big metropolitan cities, New York never sleeps. Even during the weeks, there is always a lot to see and do when the sky turns dark. Of course you can dine and drink every evening, which will cost you a fortune, as usual. There is nonetheless another way to spend a big bunch of money in one evening, by visiting a show on Broadway. I would recommend to buy tickets online in advance, although you can get them quite cheap during your stay if you are lucky.
There is a small ticketshop directly close to the stairs at Times square, where you get tickets for the same day with up to -50% discount. That can save you a lot of money, but is quite risky.

I have always been a big fan of the OZ stories and read a few. So i really wanted to go into this musical, that tells the story before. This is one of the most popular musicals on broadway and after seeing it, i know why.
The story is all about the friendship between the good witch of the South Glinda and the wicked witch of the West Elphaba.
Elphaba was born green, which no one knows why. Because of her difference, she is neither accepted by her father the mayor, nor by her classmates at school. Her sister Nessarose is bound to a wheelchair, due to an early birth, which her father blames Elphaba for. The two girls are send to school and during an accident the headmistress discovers Elphabas magical talent. Galinda, a blond, pink-dressed sunshine girl is also attending the same school. Due to different circumstances it happens that Galinda and Elphaba have to share a room. Over the time they become friends and Elphaba is for the first time accepted as she is - green. This peace doesn't last long, since weird things are happening in OZ. Animals stop to talk and the Wizard of Oz wants to see Elphaba. Not enough, both of the girls fall in love with the same handsome prince Fiyero.
If you want to find out how Elphaba became the wicked witch and the truth behind all, better reserve your tickets now. Otherwise you can also spoiler yourself and read the full plot here.
I have to say that the actors were incredible and i laughed until i cried. It was an emotional rollercoaster and the best theatre performance i have ever seen.

Times Square
After attending any musical on Broadway, or even in general you have to come to Times Square at night. During the day it was rather ordinary, i have to say, but at night it's much more impressive. The whole street is bright alight, due to all the flickering screens and once in a while the disco ball is dropping down. You can get the best view on the red plastic stairs directly in the middle of the yard.
Nevertheless i imagined watching numerous gigantic screens with advertisements to be more exciting or thrilling. Maybe the atmosphere is only as celebrative on New Year's eve.

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